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Babaa Maal

Babaa Maal
Baaba Maal is a uniquely talented singer from Senegal. He's equally at home with an acoustic guitar playing traditional folk music or playing the hottest international dance music. He's finally emerging into the international spotlight as one of the world's hottest performers. While most Senegalese performers belong to the Wolof ethnic group, Baaba Maal is a member of the Pulaar (also known as Fulani) minority from Northern Senegal. Since he wasn't born into a griot (traditional musician) family, he wasn't encouraged to become a performer, but instead studied law. He is a scholar as well as a singer and has spent much of his life studying his heritage.

Maasai, Pride of Africa: a Vanishing Culture.

The Maasai, whose history is lost in the heart of the Dark Continent, are, at the same time, a symbol and very real people with an uncertain future. Their ability to cope with a new reality and having the strength, if not to reject it, at least to be able to pick only what they really need, make them a perfect symbol of anti globalism. Of course they don't follow any fashion or intellectual wave around the world......

......The world cannot afford anymore to waste any kind of creature or culture.



Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. Much of Madagascar's flora and fauna is unique to the island. There are 3000 endemic species of butterfly; the many endemic species of lemurs fill the niches occupied elsewhere by animals as varied as racoons, monkeys, marmots, bushbabies, sloths and even (though this variant is now extinct) bears; there is a similar diversity of reptiles, amphibians and birds (especially ducks), and also at all levels of plant life.


Logo Madunia
Madunia is a young non-profit NGO, based in the Netherlands. It was founded to promote African music and support local initiatives of African musicians. Madunia supports musicians in Africa by funding recording sessions, and provides education about African music and musicians through its websites.

Magnus G. Wheagar
Called 'Magnus the Great' - born and baptised in 1981 in Yekepa, Nimba County Liberia, as Magnus G. Wheagar. After some wandering around as Liberian Refugee, presently R&B singer and composer Magnus lives in Guinea to record his educative songs on love, AIDS/HIV and humanity in general.

If you want to support Magnus in achieving his goals to become a famous singer, please click at the SELLABAND banner below and give the guy a brake. You can help him to make it.

Chairman Rotary International
(2003 - ....)

Jonathan B. Majiyagbe

The first President of Rotary International from Africa, Jonathan B. Majiyagbe, took office on July 1, 2003. A resident of Nigeria, Mr. Majiyagbe has a long and distinguished history in Rotary and in the profession of law, having been named Senior advocate of Nigeria, the country's highest professional honor. As Chairman of the African Regional PolioPlus Committee and member of the International PolioPlus Committee, Mr. Majiyagbe is dedicated to the global effort to eradicate polio. Rotary's PolioPlus program, launched in 1985, is an aggressive public/private partnership to assist international health agencies and governments to certify the world as polio-free by the year 2005, Rotary's centennial anniversary. By that year, Rotary will have committed nearly a half billion US dollars to the eradication effort. To date, more than two billion children have been immunized against the deadly poliovirus.

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba

South African diva Miriam Makeba is well known throughout the world known as the Mama Africa and the Empress of African Song. Born in 1932 in South Afica, she first came to the public's attention as a featured vocalist with the Manhattan Brothers in 1954. She went to America where she sang at President Kennedy's birthday and worked in New York with Harry Belafonte creating such classics as "The Click Song" and "Pata Pata". In 1963 she testified about apartheid before the United Nations, as a result the South African government revoked her citizship and right of return. She stayed in the U.S. and married Stokely Carmichael, a Black Panther leader. That began her exile from her South African homeland. After harassment by U.S. authorities she fled to exile in Guinea.

Tumi Makgabo

Tumi Makgabo

Tumi Makgabo is an anchor for CNN International, based in the network's Atlanta headquarters. She also hosts the program Inside Africa, which provides global viewers with a fresh look at economic, social and cultural affairs and trends in Africa. Prior to joining CNN, Makgabo co-anchored NewsHour, a news and current affairs program at SABC 3, a national station based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also anchored the channel's prime time evening news and hosted a current affairs program for SABC Radio.


Larium Malaria
To Lariam or not to Lariam

Malaria is a killer disease and pre-cautions must always be taken. Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of children and adults every year. Do not forget that everyone's objective in this debate is to safely control malaria and save lives. You must take heed of pre-cautions if you are travelling to a malarious region. You should absolutely try to take some form of prophylactic anti-malarial drug. There is a range to choose from and you should seek advice from a qualified doctor about this. The point of this site is to give people everywhere access to plenty of sources of information about the drug mefloquine, therefore enabling them to make a properly informed decision when agreeing to take it.


Logo rbm
Logo rbm

Malaria is an infectiouse disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It is caused by minute parasitic protozoa of the genus Plasmodium, which infect human and insect hosts alternately. Malaria is the world's worst health problem. At this moment more people are ill with malaria than any other disease, and the numbers affected or at risk are increasing remorselessly. Control measures are becoming less effective, and the threat of epidemic malaria is increasing in many tropical areas.


Flag Malawi

Malawi is the "warm heart of Africa" with abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery in Liwonde national Park. Malawi has a thoroughly deserved reputation for the friendliness of its people. Wherever you go you will receive a welcome which is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. This is a land of smiles, of genuine friendship.


We declare our right on this earth . . . to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary. In 1964, Malcolm X went on his pilgrimage to Mecca, which is obligatory for orthodox Muslims, and there he began to consider changing his views towards integration. In Mecca, he saw that it was possible for black and white people to live in brotherhood, of which he was deeply touched. After the pilgrimage he adopted the name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

Flag Mali

Mali was one of the greatest states in the world of its time, but is now one of the poorest countries on earth. Timbuktu has been a magnet for travelers for many years. Le Main de Fatma is a giant rock formation bursting out of the ground like an enormous hand near Hombori village 250 km southwest of Gao, and is featured on many tourist posters.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa
Mama Afrika is dedicated to providing you with three things: quality products, information about a number of ethnic groups and cultures found throughout the African continent, and a chance to help African men, women and children.The product descriptions are intended not only to give you practical information; but a few interesting facts as well. This lets you to make a more informed choice. At the same time, it assures the artisans that you understand their artwork, which means a lot to them. After all, many hours are spent creating these lovely objects.Additionally, Mama believes in fair trade. That means giving artisans and cooperative members a fair price for their works.
Managing Water in Africa Managing Water in African Cities

Managing Water for African Cities (MAWAC) is a joint initiative of United Nations Environment Programme UNEP and United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT UN-HABITAT. Water management aims to help members adopt and adapt water management practices and will enable practitioners, managers and researchers to share data, information and knowledge..

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in a village near Umtata in the Transkei on the 18 July 1918. His father was the principal councillor to the Acting Paramount Chief of Thembuland. After his father's death, the young Rolihlahla became the Paramount Chief's ward to be groomed to assume high office. However, influenced by the cases that came before the Chief's court, he determined to become a lawyer. Hearing the elders stories of his ancestors valour during the wars of resistance in defence of their fatherland, he dreamed also of making his own contribution to the freedom struggle of his people.
Nelson Mandela
Children's Fund

Photo Mandela
Vision: The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund will nurture, motivate and care for the future of children and youth.

Mission Statement: To support organizations implementing programmes and projects that empower children and youth from impoverished backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives. The NMCF places emphasis on creative, innovative, and participatory initiatives that have the potential to change the ways in which society responds to children and youth.


His Excellency Ambassador Doré Abdoulaye (Guinea)
Mandingo... also called Maninka, Malinke, or Manding, a West African people occupying parts of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau. They speak a Mandekan language of the Mande branch of the Niger-Congo family.
Mano Properties & Investment Inc.

Mano Properties & Investment Inc. MPI
Mano Properties & Investment Inc. is a business consultancy based in the Mano River Basin of West Africa. The company develops commercial viable agricultural projects (oilpalm plantations - rice).
Bob Marley

Bob Marley
Bob Marley and the Wailers spread reggae music and the message of Rastafari worldwide. Experiencing a Bob Marley concert was an epiphany for some, discovery for others, and a high-spirited exchange for all. Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love - inspired by his belief in Rastafari - was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe.

Flag Mauritania

Most of Mauritania forms part of the Sahara. There is a good/bad chance that slavery still exists in the east. In the past Mauritania lay on one of the most lucrative trade routes in West Africa.

Max Havelaar

Max Havelaar Logo
Mission statement: "Max Havelaar strives towards fair and just relations world-wide. Central to its policy is sustainable production, trade and consumption. Goals: Offering access to international trade with good conditions for farmers and workers in disadvantaged parts of the Third World so that they can build a better future for themselves. This means consumers and retailers must also pay enough to cover social and environmental costs".
Mbuti People

The Mbuti live in the Ituri forest in northeastern Congo/Zaire. Outsiders have called them pygmies, a Greek word meaning dwarf, because adult Mbuti are only 4½ feet tall. The Mbuti are nomads. They travel through the forest making a new camp every few weeks. The men hunt with spears, small arrows, and nets, with which they hunt antelope and other small ammals. Women gather fruits, berries, and roots. Their way of life is threatened. Less than 80,000 remain. The forest is being cut down as Africa becomes more urban and roads are built through the forest. Governments have tried to teach the Mbuti modern farming, but they have had little success. Most Mbuti have no interest in leaving the forest, but many people are concerned with what will happen to the Mbuti if the forest no longer exists.
Médecins Sans Frontières

MSF Logo
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 80 countries. In countries where health structures are insufficient or even non-existant, MSF collaborates with authorities such as the Ministry of Health to provide assistance.
Le Méridien

Logo Meridien
Hostess It is a distinctive personality that has kept Le Méridien ranked among the world's top luxury hotel chains for the past 27 years. Over this time, Le Méridien has built up an outstanding chain of over 125 hotels and resorts situated in some of the world's major cities and most beautiful tourist spots. In Africa you can find Le Méridien in Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Seychelles. Chef
Migration Overland

logo Migration Overland
Migration Overland offer real once in a lifetime expeditions to Africa. You do not get a holiday, you get 16 weeks of non-stop discovery, adventure and excitement! A great voyage like this will leave you with everlasting memories... Have you got what it takes?
Miss Africa Int

Ramatoulaye Diallo Ramatoulaye Diallo

=Face of Africa 2001=

Miss Africa

The Miss Africa International pageant was founded as a forum for peoples of African ancestry to come together and pay homage to the beauty and culture of their native land. The winner of the pageant will spend a year as an international spokesperson and advocate, inspiring a renewed interest in Africa and generating an awareness of social, cultural, health, and political issues confronting African nations. Each contestant will be required to choose an issue (social, health, education, cultural, economic, or women's issues) confronting Africa that she would like to support or defend. Upon winning, Miss Africa International will use her stature to advocate her platform issue.

Joseph Desire Mobutu
"Kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga"
(Sese Seko)
1930 - 1997

In January 1961 Mobutu (Mobutu Sese Seko) the State Secretary seizes power after Patrice Lumumba is assasinated. Mobutus dictatorial rule would last 32 years. Mobutu Sese Seko was born October 14, 1930 into the Ngbandi tribe in the northern village of Lisala in what was then the Belgian Congo. From 1949 to 1956 he served as a journalist in the Belgian colonial army, rising to sergeant major, the highest rank open to Africans. In the last years of colonial rule, he worked as a journalist and joined Patrice Lumumba's Congolese National Movement. Mobutu was one of Africa's most tenacious dictators, ruling a vast country with a grip of iron for most of the 32 years that he was in power. Mobutu generally relied on a system of government that some described as "kleptocracy." Reportedly stealing billions of dollars from export earnings and Western aid, he amassed a vast personal fortune. Officials of the International Monetary Fund reportedly estimated that Mobutu's fortune had peaked at $4 billion in the mid-1980s.
Modern Africa Fund Managers

Modern Africa Fund Managers
Investors in the fund include Citigroup, Société Générale, Archer Daniels Midland, Equitable UK, AIG-SunAmerica and Microsoft. Modern Africa is capitalized at US$105 million, comprised of US$35 million of equity leveraged by US$70 million of debt guaranteed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). OPIC is a self-sustaining U.S. federal agency that offers finance and insurance to U.S. businesses in developing countries.

Monsanto Logo
The Monsanto's website handles food biotechnology topics in Africa and around the world. The site is intended to promote a deeper understanding of food biotechnology by providing visitors with access to the full range of thought, opinion, and background information about this important subject.

Flag Morocco

Marocco is a colorful mix of African, Islamic, Arab, Berber and European influences. Fes, Marrakesh and Meknes are famous imperial cities. Also famous are the walled Medinas with good carpet shops. Marocco has a very young population (50% under 20 years). The smoking of Kif (cannabis) is an ancient tradition in northern Morocco.

Mother Africa Award

Mother Africa Award
1,523 out of 6,448 Voters decided that the 2002 Mother Africa Award -first edition- should be granted to Dr. Nelson "Madiba" Mandela. 'Mother Africa Award' is the one and only Africa Internet Award for a person, group, organization or event, contributing significantly to create a better image for Africa.

Flag Mozambique

The beaches are among the best in Africa. Mozambique has the economic potential to become one of the brighter spots in Africa. The country is endowed with vast and untapped natural resources which can support the development of agriculture, forestry and fishing, energy, and tourism.

Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa is one of the great rulers of the Mali Empire. He captured the attention of the Arab world when he left his home in Mali to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. Unlike Sundiata, Mansa Musa truly was a Muslim. Islamic law requires that all faithful Muslims make a pilgrimage, or holy visit, to the city on the Arabian peninsula where the faith was started. Mansa Musa was said to have taken more than 500 people with him, each carrying a staff of solid gold. When Mansa Musa passed through Cairo, he gave away so much gold that the price of gold fell and the economy was affected for more than twenty years.

The Great Mutato

The year was 1440. The King was Mutota. In any other European country he would have been known as Mutota the Great. He and his council was quick to see that even the most advance states each standing independently and alone, were doomed to European criminal exploits unless unified into a single nation with a strong central government. This also should be achieve through voluntary association if possible. Mutota and the new leaders understood this very well. Therefore, Mutota, in 1440, began the campaign to carry out his grand design. This was a great plan aimed at nothing less than uniting Africans into a vast empire that cut across South Africa below the Limpopo river, and covered Zimbabwe with an indefinite boundary beyond the Zambezi River in Zambia, and on over Mozambique to the Indian Ocean, sweeping southward again to re-posses the entire coastline fronting the New Empire. This area contained the majority of the world precious metals such as gold, copper, tin and iron held in over 4000 mines. After 30 years of struggle, unity was finally achieve in 1480 into the Empire of Monomotapa.

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