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Sunrise in Africa
Jan Aarts
Baobab Tree
Baobab Trees
Cameroon Dance
Zambesi River
Zambesi River

Bouchiba Houchine: Artist (c)art:
Bouchiba Houchine
Nso Abomo Marthe: Artist (c)art:
Nso Abomo Marthe
Kanu Abu Bakarr: Artist (c)art:
Kanu Abu Bakarr
Sierra Leone
Tukokana Dikizeko: Artist (c)art:
Tukokana Dikizeko
DR Congo

Africa related Photos
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Untill our own album has been produced, we would like to refer to the following albums where you can find hundreds of pictures.

Africa Art

At this site the art community of Ratoma in Conakry/Guinea present themselve with a collection Ancient Masks, modern paintings and other artifacts from West Africa.
The Africa Experience At this page you will find photos from every African country linking to the country file pages of USAfrica LLC. Each page contains extensive country information, more photos and many links.

Africa Photo Index

Africa Photo Index Photo Album: Victoria Falls
Panorama Page, Video Clips, Soweto and Kruger N.P., Kruger National Park, Great Zimbabwe N.P., Matopo Hills N.P., Chobe N.P., Botswana, Victoria Falls aerial photos, Victoria Falls, Zambezi River Canoe Safari, Rock Art Expedition Photos, Zambia Open Community Schools, 2001 Zambian Total Eclipse, Misc Africa Photos, Malawi School, Ilha de Mozambique I & II, Mozambique, South Africa Fauna and Flora, South Africa, Southern Right Whales, African Penguins, Xhosa Culture.


Africa Photo
Africa-photo-com is the most comprehensive Africa photo databank in the internet. At the present time you can search in 11.331 photos from 1870 to the present time - 24 hours, every day. The files are continually growing. Research is free.

African Imagery

To provide exposure and bring together the very best photographers who focus on Africa (the site also has a small section devoted to notable photographers of the world) and to provide news, reviews and interesting entries through the weblog. And, finally, to grow into a sustainable association in the internet environment.

Jurgen Stumpe African Photo Album
The German photographer Juergen Stumpe shows Photos and Pictures from 8 african States: Senegal, The Gambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Robert Baruch's Photo links

For many pictures from a "Wonderful World with Beautiful People", with albums from Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, South Africa, and Zanzibar, we recommend to visit the Internet Site "Robert Burch Communications", and get surprised.

Jacob Crawfurd's
Black & White Album

The photos on these pages are from a journey around colonial Africa in 1937. His grandfather, who took the photographs, wrote articles in Danish magazines about what he saw on 'the dark continent', which was indeed very far away. Much has changed since the old days of black and white.

Bernard Cloutier's Photo links

A huge 165 megabyte site with 4500 photos, 320 000 words in english and as many in french and spanish. There are five ways you can access its contents:
Galen's Travel Photos Galen R. Frysinger is a retired scientist (chemistry and physics) who now spends most of his time traveling to interesting places in the world. Galen has traveled to 168 independent countries plus 89 dependencies which are separate enough due to geography, culture or history to warrant being considered separate territories.
Guinea/Conakry Experience

Casa Island in front of Conakry
Most of the pictures were taken by Willem Tijssen during trips between 1998 and 2006. Other photos can be seen at the Guinea Country Page.
Guinea-Bissau Experience

Traditional Dance Costumes Guinea Bissau
The pictures in this personal Yahoo Album were taken by Willem Tijssen during his recent trips in 2004. Other photos can be seen at the Guinea Bissau Country Page.

Jack Hanna Album

Jack Hanna Album
Join Animal Adventure's web site designer as he looks back on a recent filming trip to Africa with Jack Hanna. Also, be sure to view the online photo album.
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Sunset Kalahari
Photos from the incorporated existing parks and conservation areas in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe to become a TRANSFRONTIER PARK. Coutada Publica do Mocusso and the Coutada Publica do Luengué in Angola. Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Chobe National Park in Botswana. Kaudom-, Caprivi-, Manage- and Mudumo National Parks in Namibia. Sioma Ngwezi National Park in Zambia. Zambezi-, Kazuma Pan- and Hwange National Parks in Zimbabwe.
Liberia Experience
1998 & 2000
Typical Liberian Snapshake
Most of the pictures in these Gallery-pages were taken during our trip in February 1998 and a most recent trip of our editor Mr. Willem Tijssen (25 till 28 November 2000). During his last trip, Willem filmed footage for a 30 minute television/video documentary. Most of the published pictures are made with pro-dvcam (pal) video in 2000 and amateur hi-8 video in 1998.

The Lightbox

Lightbox logo
The Lightbox includes many personal travelogues and picture diaries of Simon Kirwan's travels, including; East Africa, featuring Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Victoria Falls. Simon spent 18 years as a commercial advertising photographer, working all over the UK for a diverse range of clients, including adidas UK, Liverpool Football Club, Kelloggs, Littlewoods and Great Universal Stores.

MSNCB: "A Day in Africa"

A Day in Africa Photo Album
On February 28, 2002, nearly 100 of the world's top photojournalists, representing 26 countries, participated in a historic, one-day documentary of the African continent. They trekked to 50 African nations, from Cairo to the Cape of Good Hope, documenting the profound contrasts in geography, people and customs on the continent.
National Geographic Africa Gallery

National Geographic photos of Africa

Explore this vast continent through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

Out To Africa
Tanzania Scene Out to Africa, Ellen and Paul from The Netherlands
Influenced by beautiful documentaries on television and with some fear for the unknown, in 1996 Ellen and Paul from Holland went for their first adventure through Botswana. After that trip they visited Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Many photos of these trips are published at their Home Page.
Rob's travel photos Two of Rob's favourite regions are sub-Saharan Africa and Viet Nam. He says his photos may not always come up to professional standards, but under the conditions (limited time, heat, humidity and erratic equipment) there are some pretty good photos here, even if I do say so myself. Have a look and a surprising journey.
Sierra Leone 2000

Lumley Beach Sierra Leone
Most of the pictures in this Gallery were taken during trips in September and November 2000. During these trips, Willem Tijssen filmed footage for a television/video documentary. Published pictures are abstracts from pro-dvcam (pal) video. With the help of Peter Andersen at the Internet Site SIERRA-LEONE PICTURES, we were able to improve most pictures in this section of our extensive album.

New photos taken in 2004 can be found in the personal Yahoo Album at: SIERRA LEONE ALBUM2

Photos Sierra Leone

Links to Internet Sites, showcasing photos from Sierra Leone.
Tribal Photo Gallery All photographs from this site are copyrighted and require reproduction permission. Please notify the publisher if you wish to reproduce any of the photographs on this site for educational, business or personal use. Tribal Photo Gallery favors any use of the photographs that promote their tribal ethic.
Uganda Experience 2002
Water spring in Uganda, The Good Shepherd
Most of the pictures in this Gallery were taken during trips in 2001 and 2002 made by Mr. Jacques Roosen, initiator of the Good Shepherd Foundation in The Netherlands. From his digital video shootings we substracted stills for this special album.

The Good Shepherd


Beautiful Africa Heritage pictures from UNESCO. An absolute "must"!


Voices from within. Photographs of African Children Phographs of African Children

Born in Ifaki Ekiti, southwestern Nigeria, Olusegun Fayemi spent his childhood, formative and early adult life in Nigeria. He studied photography privately, with Alex Harsely and Richard Sternschuss of New York and at the New School for Social Research, International Center for Photography and Zone VI studios. For the last 18 years he has focused on, and directed his energies to, social documentary photography of continental Africans and Africans in the diaspora. This project provided him the opportunity to travel extensively in Africa, the West Indies and the United States. His photographs have been published and exhibited widely in the United States, Nigeria and Hong Kong and are included in many public and private collections. He is the author of Balancing Acts, a critically acclaimed and widely successful book of photographs from West Africa (Sungai, Princeton, 1995). When not making photographs he practices Medicine as a pathologist and Director of Laboratories at the Franciscan Health System of New Jersey.

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