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Flag Cameroon

Crossing Cameroon you come across great varieties of vegetation, from savannah around the shores of Lake Chad, to equatorial forests in the south-east of the country. It is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Africa, comprising three major zones: the northern savannah, the southern and eastern rainforests, and the north-western hill region near Nigeria.

Capetown - Bospherus

logo Hans & Marianne Schoelink

Chronological Diary
After 4 months Hans & Marianne Schoelink have made it back home in their modified Mazda driving thru Africa starting in Capetown and taking the eastern route over the red sea in to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East before entering Europe by crossing the Bospherus. They arrived in Capetown the 26th of January 2001 and drove into our home town in Leiden, The Netherlands on the 28th of May 2001.

logo Care International
CARE is one of the world's largest private international relief and development organizations and has become a leader in sustainable development and emergency aid, reaching tens of millions of people each year in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. CARE reaches out to people whose lives are devastated by humanitarian emergencies, or who are struggling each day in poor communities to survive and improve their lives.

Carnivore Restaurant
The Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya is considered 'Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience'. This open-air meat specialty restaurant has strikingly different food, service and entertainment to anything ever seen in East Africa and beyond.


Car hire - car rental - car rentals. Rent a car in AFRICA, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA.

The Carter Center

Logo Carter Center
The Carter Center, in partnership with Emory University, is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health. The Center works in many African country.
George Carver

George Carver
African American George Washington Carver invented peanut butter and 400 plant products! Carver was born a slave. He didn't go to college until he was 30.


World consumption of cassava for food (fresh or processed) is concentrated in the developing countries. In Africa,about 70 percent of cassava production is used as food. The most popular processed products are commonly known as gari, lafun, foufou, attiéké and chickwangue Gari, a dry granular meal made from moist and fermented cassava is most commonly used in West Africa. Other forms of processed cassava consumption include a sun-dried cassava known as lafun in southwest Nigeria and sticky or heavy soup made from fermented cassava known as foufou. In other parts of Africa, cassava is commonly made into flour from dried roots or chunks of roots, and consumed as flour commonly named attiéké and chickwangue.

Community of Sahel-Saharan States

The Community of Sahel-Saharan States CEN-SAD is a framework for Integration and Complementarity. It intends to work, together with the other regional economic communities and the Organization of African Unity, to strengthen peace, security and stability and achieve global economic and social development. CEN-SAD was established on 4th February 1998. The Treaty on the establishment of the Community was signed by the Leader of Great El-Fateh Revolution and the Heads of State of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad and Sudan. The Central African Republic and Eritrea joined in 1999. Senegal, Djibouti and Gambia joined during the N’djamena Summit in February 2000.
Center for Creative Arts
University of Natal

Department of Art at the University of Natal South Africa
top of banner The CCA co-ordinates four annual festivals which are the foremost of their kind in the region; Time of the Writer, Poetry Africa, the Durban International Film Festival, the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Festival, and is a co-ordinating partner in the Awesome Africa Music Festival. The CCA is also involved in other projects and programmes. All the festivals and projects have strong international links that enhance intercultural artistic relationships with and within South Africa, the African continent, and the global community. All activities have important development components that reach into communities that do not have access to top-level art practitioners such as those participating in our festivals. Schools and tertiary institutions are a particular focus; as are grass roots community arts organisations. The Centre fulfils a function as facilitator, promoter, networker, and capacity builder, and plays a vital role in bringing to fruition the artistic potential of the region.

"Culture is not a luxury...Culture is the spritual backbone of society."


Flag Central African Republic

Devided amongst a myriad of ethnic groups, and subjected in the past to raiding slave traders, the Central African Repubic has always been an isolated, under-developed, fragmented and poverty-stricken country, and been plundered for centuries, yet one which, with an enlightened government, could be prosperous.


Flag Chad

Chad is almost desert country, but has several arms flowing of the Niger River, where such plantations are able to flourish.

Mohammed Chambas

Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas: Executive Secretary of ECOWAS.

Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas, a lawyer and political scientist, was born in Ghana on December 7, 1950. He attended Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast and Government Secondary School, Tamale. He holds degrees in Political Science from University of Ghana, Legon, (B.A. 1973) and Cornell University Ithaca, New York (M.A. 1977, Ph D (1980). He has a law degree from Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He was admitted to practice law in Ghana and the State of Ohio.

Channel Africa

Channel Africa

To promote Africa to the world and enhance world understanding.


To connect Africa with credible information and entertainment from around the world.


Channel Africa wishes to forge partnerships with African Broadcasters throughout the continent. The aim is to enter into a direct exchange of news, information and programmes emanating from our environment in order to inform the world about ourselves.

World Fact Book

CIA logo

In general, information available as of 1 January 2002 was used in the preparation of The World Factbook 2002. The Factbook has been an annual publication, but selected data and maps will be updated periodically during the coming year.

Canadian International Development Agency

Canadian Flag
Canadian International Development Agency

CIDA supports sustainable development activities in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world. The objective is to work with developing countries and countries in transition to develop the tools to eventually meet their own needs.

Logo CA
A very comprehensive website, opening the Africa Continent with many links, forums, news, directories, shops and much more. "Just "clickafrique! and find out"
Clinton Foundation

Bill Jefferson Clinton
The mission of the William J. Clinton Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation currently focuses its work in five critical areas:

  • Economic empowerment of poor people;
  • Racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation;
  • Health security, specifically combating AIDS;
  • Citizen service;
  • And, Leadership development.
Bernard Cloutier

Logo CA
Bernard Cloutier:
Consultant and Globetrotter:

Bernard Cloutier started his web site to offer his services some years ago when he retired at age 55 to enjoy the freedom of being a consultant. Now that he doesn't work anymore, the web has become a hobby and he uses his site to express himself. If life is a statement, then, the internet is a good place to publish part of it. That's what this site is about, his life, his adventures and his vision of the world.

Inside Africa

Logo CNN Inside Africa

Inside Africa is a half-hour current affairs weekly program which provides global viewers with an inside look at political, economic, social and cultural affairs and trends in Africa.



CODESRIA, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa is headquartered in Dakar Senegal. It was established in 1973 as an independent Pan-African research organisation with a primary focus on the social sciences, broadly defined. It is recognised not only as the pioneer African social research organisation but also as the apex non-governmental centre of social knowledge production on the continent.


Logo Comesa
COMESA's current strategy can be summed up in the phrase 'economic prosperity through regional integration'. With its 20 member states , population of over 385 million and annual import bill of around US$32 billion COMESA forms a major market place for both internal and external trading. Its area is impressive on the map of the African Continent and its achievements to date have been significant. (See also our comprehensive statistics)

Our mission is to enable absolutely poor people to achieve major improvements in their lifestyles which are sustainable without ongoing support from Concern. To this end we will work with the poor themselves and with local and international partners who share our vision to create just and peaceful societies where the poor can exercise their fundamental rights.

Flag Congo Brazzaville

In Congo everybody usually finds something to like; clean beaches and dancing to the music of some of Africa’s most popular recording stars. The country has huge oil reserves, which are being developed.

Congo Cookbook

Congo Cookbook
The Congo Cookbook is an Internet collection of over 150 African recipes from all over Africa, plus information about African cooking, cuisine, culture, food, gastronomy, and history. Featuring African proverbs, excerpts from historic texts, and rare African recipes. Perfect for use at home, for school projects, for a club dinner, and for Kwanzaa celebrations.

Logo Cordaid
Cordaid forms together with Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Vastenaktie one of the biggest international development organisations. Supported by half a million people in the Netherlands, Cordaid is working with more than thousand partners worldwide for an existence with dignity for poor people and those who are deprived of their rights.
Crans Montana Forum

Logo CA
The Crans Montana Forum is a prestigious, officially recognised International Organisation which provides a platform where Heads of State and Government, Ministers, policy makers from International Organisations and regulatory bodies, as well as Experts from Academia, can meet together with key decision makers from the business world in an informal, neutral and relaxed atmosphere. Together, both Crans Montana Forum, based in Switzerland, and the Monaco World Summit, based in Monte-Carlo form an independent organisation "Committed to a More Humane World". Funded in 1989 and supported by a number of prestigious patrons, the Forum acts in the public and private sector’s interest to improve international co-operation and ease the globalisation process in a humanistic way.
Crawfurd's Africa

Crawfurd Africa
This impressive site has been developed by Jacob Crawfurd from Denmark and is an overview of Africa content in his perspective. The site shows photos, video, articles and other views on Africa. Jacob has a burning passion for Africa, as he says. "I have had the pleasure of travelling in Africa several times. I have been visiting friends in different countries and have a little knowledge of Kiswahili. I have turned into something of an amateur anthropologist with a great curiosity about African history, development, culture and music. If you have been to Africa you probably know the feeling. If you haven't, you can start by exploring the Africa section on this site".
The Crescent of Hope

Crescent of Hope
In 1986, the Crescent of Hope/Blue Crescent Inc. was incorporated was founded by Sheikh AbdurRabb Hasan in Victoria Borg, Accra, Ghana as a non-profit corporation. Sheikh and Hajah are a husband and wife team who founded and now directs the Crescent of Hope's programs. The purpose of operating the Crescent of Hope is to provide services in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Environment, Economical and Health Development in the rural areas of Africa, India and other third world countries, thus enabling the rural poor to overcome their poverty.
Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions encourages potential volunteers to experience a country from a whole new perspective through international volunteer programs in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Thailand and Tanzania. By participating in a Cross-Cultural Solutions program, volunteers will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with local people on locally designed and driven projects, allowing them to see a country through the eyes of its people. There are various opportunities in each location, so participants can find projects in areas that interest them. Cross-Cultural Solutions is a recognized leader in the international volunteer field, sending thousands of participants overseas every year. Programs range from 2-12 weeks. This makes it easy for students to participate during holiday and summer vacations. There are even opportunities to get a college credit.
Cyber Nomads

Cyber Nomads
cyberNomads is an online community for the international black Diaspora with focus Black Europe coming together to recover and document their own social, artistic and academic history establishing the “mothership” databank.
Cycle to the Summit

Logo Cycle
Logo Cycle

Ruth Hollinger, Toby Hammond, Paul Bradbury and Frank Hindle made a 10,000 mile journey to the September 2002 Earth Summit being held in Johannesburg. The team produced a video diary of their experiences of the trip, broadly themed around water, focussing on specific issues at various stages of the journey. - To develop an understanding of the issues relating to water and the complex interrelationship that this has with other issues such as poverty, human rights and health. - To raise awareness about the issues relating to water in developing countries both at the Summit and on return to the UK in order to help people think about the implications of their actions.

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