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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria, on the border of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, is the world's second largest freshwater lake. Victoria is a source of the Nile, the world's longest river. It is also a source of Lake Tanganyika, a lake in the Great Rift Valley that is almost a mile deep.
Village Tales

Village Tales
Village Tales helps aspiring writers get their books published and help new artists promote their work. The Village Tales Publishing community hut promotes cultural awareness through art, literature and individually created items that reflect the richness of African Culture. Village Tales Publishing is proud to create a setting that recognizes the value of diversity. Their goal is simple: To promote cultural insight through art and literature providing a window through which we may view the unique attributes of all people. To demonstrate their commitment to diversity, Village Tales welcomes your contributions of folktales, poetry, recipes, cultural celebrations, or short stories to share with their readers.
The Virtual Rock Opera

The Virtual Rock Opera
The Virtual Operas is the initiative of Foundation VRO of the Netherlands with the intent of creating 1, 10 or 100 Opera's via Internet with an active participation by persons of the world, united creatively via the world-wide web. Simply, everyone who has access to the internet can assist in composing the operas, defining the true essence of the term "Virtual" as A United Nation. The Foundation's plans have not been consciously selected to promote any one city, country or continent but are focused on promoting the world as a whole, as one "United Nation". The plan focuses on ‘Global Issues’ using projects such as ‘Global Peace’, ‘Global Water’, ‘Global Democracy' and ‘Global Health’ and there will be subsequent projects, such as ‘United Environment’ (2006) and ‘United Through Globalization?’ (2008) and other global issues (2010 and after).
Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland
Dutch Refugee Council

Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland
All over the world, large groups of people flee their homelands for fear of persecution. They are discriminated against, threatened, tortured and fear imprisonment. Their lives are at risk. Every year, a small number of them come to the Netherlands. The Dutch Refugee Council works hard to protect this small but vulnerable group. The Netherlands has known peace for more than half a century. Our democratic system is our guarantee that we will not be persecuted, discriminated against or subjected to arbitrary rule. We are free to live our lives the way we see fit. This is so obvious that we hardly even think about it any more.
Voice of America


Voice of America Look at what VOA TV to Africa has to offer...Television about Africa, for Africa, to Africa. Our originally produced programming, combined with acquired shows tailored for African audiences, offer a comprehensive line-up for viewers all over the continent.

Vodoun logo
Contrary to popular belief, the Africans enslaved to build the economic foundation of America were not Christians. During slavery, African-Americans were not even allowed to worship as Christians. The builders of this great nation were practitioners of the various African Religions popularly known today as "Voodoo", (Vodoun) Akan, Ifa, Orisha, La Reglas de Congo, and Mami Wata . A small percentage were even (African-styled) Muslims, incorporating ancestral veneration and family deities into their ritual practice. These spiritual practices of the Africans enslaved in America, have their ancestral origins not from Haiti, Cuba, or the Americas, but directly from Dahomey (Ewe [ev-way]), Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, the Congo, and other West African nations. The Spirits remained in their blood just as they did wherever the African was taken and enslaved in the New World. The West Africans also arrived in America speaking their native mother tongues, and were forbidden to learn English, or to read, including the Euro-Christian Bible. The Christian missionaries, (of whom the majority supported slavery), were not interested in actually teaching the tenets of Christianity to the enslaved Africans, but rather their primary focus was on civilizing them from their "idolatrous" ways, and making them compliant with their lamentable fate of chattel slavery.

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