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logo Africa
This unique website with a huge collection of links to country pages and interesting sites is produced and maintained by John Kersten from The Netherlands. He says: "In Africa lots of countries have French as main language. I have tried to find information in English as much as I could. From some countries not much information is available, due to the political situation but from every country is something there. And besides the information, there are pics from everywhere. Hope you enjoy your trip." That is what we do!.
Africa 2005

logo Africa 2005
The official Africa 2005 launch campaign, in New York (USA) on February 18th 2004 represents a step forward to the enlargement of Africa 2005 network. The goal is to mobilise the whole world to make 2005 the worldwide year of Africa. Africa 2005 offers a selection of websites presenting actuality dedicated,at a positive and dynamic vision of Africa.
Africa Almanac

logo Africa Almanac
This listing of the 700 best-known Africans is the culmination of research that started on September 7 and was completed on September 25, 2002. Africa Almanac, is the first such research undertaken anywhere in the world, used the new technology of the Internet and particularly the auto-indexing of the search engines to answer the question of Who's Who in Africa, through history.
Africa Art

Africa Art
Here young artists from Ratoma district in Conakry Guinea present them selves with a unique collection of ancient masks, modern paintings and hand craft. Meet Soulemane Kaba, Boubou Dieye, Soul and Mohammed in their shops at the gate to Mariador Palace Hotel in Conakry.
Africa Association
Afrika Verein

logo Africa Verein
Welcome to Afrika-Verein (Africa Association), the German business association for German companies with business interests in African countries. Our aim is to inform about Africa and the African markets, to expand business contacts between Africa and Germany.
Africa focus

logo Africa Focus
Africa Focus brings a unique online collection, maintained on the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. It contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These digital files are stored in an accessible database and provided for personal use or educational presentations. The project was developed through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
Africa for Afrika

logo Africa for Afrika
In collaboration with well respected charitable organizations, the African/African -American Music Entertainment and Cait Entertainment would be organizing a festival. This project consists of a music festival to be held in Accra, Ghana, during a 4 day event in April 2004. Artists and guest artists from the entire African continent and from around the world will perform during these four (4) days of tribute to the children victims of AIDS and HIV on the continent and throughout the world. These artists will record an album-containing maximum of ten tracks. Songs- in English, French, Spanish, Swahili, and a variety of other African dialects - will reach millions of people.
Africa Forum

logo Africa Forum is an internet forum for travel to Africa in the Dutch language and contains links and tips. The project is supported by (Friesland).
The Africa Guide

logo Africa Guide
Choose a Country for detailed information - News links for Africa, plus live news feed. / Africa Map - click and go to African countries. / African Flags - all the different African flags. / Facts and Figures - largest, highest, longest... / Photo Library - stunning African images. / Overlanding information for adventurers. / Medical and health issues and advice / Charities working on the African continent. / Search the whole Guide section
Africa In Sites

logo Africa In Sites
Travel and Business Portal to Africa. Tours - Portals - Links - Directories - In-depth travel guides.
Africa Information Centre

logo Africa Information Centre
The Africa Information Centre (AIC)is a small dedicated team of development analysts and consultants specialising in Sub-Saharan Africa providing information and research to the development community, governments, academic and commercial organisations. They carry out research, both in the field and desk-based, compile reports and offer support and assistance to development projects on a consultancy basis. AIC also provides teaching on Africa in various academic disciplines at different levels, and offers workshops/seminars using own materials.
Africa Museum

logo Africa Museum
In order to arouse public interest in the Congo Free State King Leopold II had a major exhibition organised in 1897 on the country and its importance for Belgium. To this end a new building – lais Colonial – was erected in Tervuren. To reach this palace from the Palais du Cinquantenaire in Brussels a large double avenue – the Avenue de Tervuren – was constructed through the Forêt de Soignes. The range of academic disciplines in the Museum – called Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale since 1960 – includes Historical Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Zoology and Geology, all of them oriented towards the study of Africa as a whole. There is also an Educational and Museological Service. The Museum is one of the major centres for the scientific study of Africa in the world.
Africa One Continent

Many Worlds

logo Africa One Continent. Many worlds
The "AFRICA: One Continent. Many Worlds." web site is designed to provide the museum-goer with a rich experience and to provide the educator with the knowledge and tools to bring the experience to the classroom. This on-line exhibit includes over 60 minutes of video, hundreds of photographs of cultural objects from the African collections of the Field Museum of Natural History and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and presentations on the accomplishments and stories of Americans of African descent. You will also find exhibitions of art and photography found no where else on the web.
Africa Opinion Poll is an interactive web site designed to give Africans a voice on important issues in Africa. We strive to post and email the results of each poll to Decision Makers and National News Organizations: Members of the House of Representatives, Senators, and organizations that represent or work for African countries. The office of the President of most African countries. For issues of international concerns, United States White House, the State Department, Members of the United States Congress, British Foreign Office and the House of Commons, European Economic Union (EEU), etc. This new site is growing everyday, so is their audience. polls on burning issues within Africans. Hopefully, thousands and even millions of people will want to vote giving us chance to be heard. At, they claim, making your opinions count.
Africa Peace Cup

logo Peacecup
AFRICA PEACE CUP FOUNDATION aims to achieve its goals in realizing an annual publicity and fund generating football event in Africa. This event will feature a team of African star players against a team of star players from other continents. In its first year the Africa Peace Cup schedules a match between Africa and Europe.
Africa Server

logo Africa Server
The Africaserver is a publication in the Dutch and English languages of Africaserver Foundation in The Netherlands. It aims to bring together information from and about Africa. The Africaserver is a gateway to Africa with ample attention to the power of culture, for the attractiveness of the continent. Africa is much more and different from the stereotype image of disaster, war and famine as projected in Europe.
Africa Sounds

logo Africa Sounds
Africa Sounds is a company specialised in the production and promotion of contemporary African music. This exciting project is about to propulse African contemporary music and African musicians beyond their natural frontiers, and bring them to a wider European and UK audience. Get ready for the Africa Sounds 2002 Festival, at Alexandra Palace, on 13 July 2002, with a star studded lineup, including Miriam Makeba (who will be celebrating her 70th birthday at the Festival in London), Papa Wemba, and Salif Keita. Check the EVENTS page for details.
Afrika Start

Afrika Start
Africa Portal in the German language: "Mein Land" sind die Länderinfos von mit aktuellem Zugriff auf die neusten Artikel, Schlagzeilen, TV + Radiosendungen und Events eines Landes.

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