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Caribbean Internet Filmfestival
Caribbean Water Filmfestival

Schoon water

Internet (Water) Film Festival

Bonaire: Passion for Water

Film festivals have a magic attraction to people in the media industry. They specially love to visit those events in exotic places like Cannes, Venice and San Remo. So why not Bonaire the island that has to offer so much more then the aforementioned places. We could have the First Internet Film Festival on Bonaire to showcase mpeg Internet films for a specific audience and an international jury to award the best in various categories. Start Poko-Poko and expand during the years, that would be the slogan for an event that will attract the attention of media around the world, generating an immense amount of free publicity the island could never pay for. This in its turn will attract further sponsors who would be proud to be associated with such unique film festival.

World Water Film Festival

As already mentioned at the water page, Bonaire has many good reasons to celebrate “Bonaire Clean Water Paradise”. This could be expressed at a specific film festival showcasing films, documentaries and special reports on water and the future of water. Bonaire is the right setting for such an event and would place the island in a unique way on the global map of awareness and attract the right partners for a successful media project. The Water Film Festival would cover:

- Underwater films (scuba diving – fish)
- Water documentaries on the impact of water for life on earth
- Water reports
- Water sports (any)

Underwater park Bonaire at the Internet.

Since 23 August 2000 Caribbean WebCams has permanent underwater cameras on Bonaire. At http://www. BonaireWebCams.com one can witness the beauty and magic of the Bonaire’s underwater world.


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