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Official Name Jamhuri ya Uganda
Located Central: Sudan, Kenya, Zaire, Tanzania
Capital Kampala
Head of State President Yoweri Museveni

President Museveni

Area 236,580 sq km
Population 21.3 million
Growth rate 3%
Official language English
Currency Ugandan shilling
GNP per capita $240 !!!!
Inflation 6%
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painting Nuwa Wamala-Nnyanzi
Painting by:
Nuwa Nnyanzi

painting Lubega Vicky
Painting by:
Lubega Vicky

Although having had a bad image Idi Amin period, Aids/HIV and Ebola, Uganda is a beautiful and friendly country to visit and it has much to offer. Uganda is one of Africa’s most rapidly developing countries. Hot springs are found near Sempaya and Pygmy villages near Ntandi. Kabale iin the Kigezi area is often inappropriately refer to as the "Little Switzerland of Africa". Bwindi National Park has become the main place in East Africa for seeing the mountain gorillas and counts about 640 different species of animals. Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is spread over ten hills and derives its name from a kiganda expression "kasozi k'empala" (the hill of antelopes). One of the things a visitor will keep in mind is the road-side fruit markets with a wide variety of fresh fruits as one drives from Entebbe Airport to Kampala. Entebbe International Airport is 4km from the centre of town. Entebbe means "chair" and is derived from a local legend in which the King commanded his dominion from a carved rock that he used as a chair.

Uganda is based on the kingdom of Buganda, in Central Africa, which was declared a British protectorate in 1894. It became independent in 1962, and Milton Obote became the Prime Minister. In 1971 he was ousted by Sergeant Idi Amin who became a brutal dictator. He was finally expelled in 1980 and Milton Obote returned to power. He relied on the military to support his government against the opposition. Obote's excesses led to the rapid development of a disciplined guerrilla force called the National Resistance Army led by Yoweri Museveni.

Matoke, Uganda's national dish, is one of the oldest dishes in the world. Legend says that matoke was brought to earth by Kintu, the first man on earth. It is popular in many parts of Uganda and is grown in almost every homestead in Buganda. To grow Matoke Trees, you must uproot young stems from a mature tree and plant them. It takes about a year to develop into a fully grown tree ready for harvesting. When the Matoke Fruit is ready, the leaves are also cut off and kept for cooking, together with the fibres which tie the leaves. The stalks are also put in the sauce pan, together with the leaves to ease the steaming process. The stem of the tree is left to help re-fertilisation and mulching.

Oluwombo is a delicious Kiganda dish introduced during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga in 1887 by his chief cook, Kawunta. It is an important dish among the Baganda, and used to be served to important state visitors to the Kabaka and other Baganda Chiefs. It can be made from chicken, goat, pork beef or even groundnuts mixed with mushrooms.

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Brussels Airlines
In 2002 SN Brussels Airlines was created to continue in the steps of the two companies Sabena and DAT, who between them had an unequalled safety record. BRUSSELS AIRLINES was created following the merger of SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) and Virgin Express. On 12 April 2005, SN Airholding, the company behind SNBA, signed an agreement with Richard Branson, giving it control over Virgin Express. On 7 November 2006, the new name, Brussels Airlines, was announced at a press conference at Brussels Airport. Brussels Airlines began operations on 25 March 2007. On September 15, 2008 it was announced that Lufthansa will acquire a 45% stake in Brussels Airlines with an option to acquire the remaining 55% from 2011. As a part of this deal Brussels Airlines will join Star Alliance. On March 13, Brussels Airlines announced that the airline will codeshare all their flights to Germany with Lufthansa. The codeshare agreement will start from March 29. This new step is part of the integration of Brussels Airlines into the Star Alliance network. Brussels Airlines becomes a Star Alliance member in 2009.

From 26 April 2002 SN Brussels Airlines opened frequent Africa connections and presently BRUSSELS AIRLINES serves safe and reliable flights to:

ANGOLA (Luanda) - BURUNDI (Bujumbura) - CAMEROON (Douala & Yaoundé) - CôTE D'IVOIR (Abidjan) - DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO (Kinshasa) - THE GAMBIA (Banjul (Banjul) - GUINEA (Conakry) - KENYA (Nairobi) - LIBERIA (Monrovia) - RWANDA (Kigali) - SENEGAL (Dakar) - SIERRA LEONE (Freetown) - UGANDA (Entebbe)
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KAMPALA, 11 October 2001: There has been an alarming upsurge of sleeping sickness in Uganda and several other East and Central African countries. The infection rate has reached the devastating peak of the 1930s in Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola, the International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research and Control said. The body, which is an organ of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), said, "The infection rate has now reached the peak it had attained in the 1930's. "The situation has been declared 'very serious' in East and Central African countries, namely Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, while the disease has re-emerged in Togo, Benin, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Gabon."

KAMPALA, 14 September 2001: Military sources said twenty-five people were killed in the past two days during and after a cattle rustling raid between the Karamojong and Teso people of eastern Uganda, on Friday. Eight people were killed when an angry mob barricaded a leading highway to the Ugandan capital on Friday, stopped a bus, dragged out eight people and killed them. It was a retaliatory attack for a raid on Thursday at Katakwi, also in eastern Uganda, during which the Karamojong killed 17 Tesos, injured four others and drove away an unknown number of cattle. "The Karamojong warriors from Moroto attacked Tesos in Katakwi on Thursday, killed 17 people and injured four others, before taking off with some cattle," an unoffial source said. "The Tesos were angered by this attack and today they barricaded the Moroto-Soroti road, stopped a bus, pulled out the Karamojongs and lynched them."

14 July 2001:

After four years closure, Uganda's spectacular Mount Rwenzori National Park is officially re-opened. The park was closed in July 1997 as a result of rebel activity. Now the government has declared the area safe and has pledged to keep 2,000 troops at 27 critical sites in the vicinity.

Taxi vans
Taxi vans waiting for better times

Ferry from Port Bell to Bukoba:

This information comes from the Internet Africa Travel Newsgroup.
"I have just inquired about a ferry from Port Bell, Uganda to Bukoba, Tanzania. At Port Bell Pier, I was told by a man from Uganda Railways (he was very well spoken, and appeared well informed, so I think he was talking with some authority) that the ferry services between Uganda and Tanzania had been suspended since late 1996. There is a cargo ship that travels between Port Bell and Bukoba. There is no fixed schedule of arrivals or departures, but they will allow vehicles and passengers if you get permission form the Director of Uganda Railways. Apparently this permission is easily obtained. Uganda Railways is situated at the one end (Jinja, Port Bell end) of Nasser Road, Kampala. Apparently the trip takes 14 hours. (Source: Africa Travel Newsgroup)

Traveler Tips:

If you need a hostel recommendation, the Red Chilli.

Last update: 30 July 2009

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