"Teach a man to fish rather than to give him fish!"

This Internet Portal is a commercial 'Business-Window' to Africa and provides extensive information about economy, history, art and culture with country files, and many business-opportunities mainly in West Africa.

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Consultancy & Special Projects, also acting under US-Africa LLC and Mister Willems Africa, is a Consultancy Firm with high skilled professionals in the field of marketing, trade, mining, fishing, video & television, and project research and development. The company has been established in 2000 in Guinea. Founder and CEO is Mr. Willem Tijssen former Managing Director of EEC Events B.V. and Consultant to EMC-TV.TV. In the latter capacities Willem developed special marketing concepts for e.g. Swatch International, Nike Europe, Giant Europe, Rigid Airship Design, but also lobbys for Governments and Politicians in West Africa. Our Africa-Afrika Team includes a variety of specialists from Africa, Europe and the U.S.A. - marketing/sales experts and diplomats. Also this group developed STAR MODEL AFRICA, an internet portfolio of the upcoming 'cream of African modelling talent'. HQ is located in Monrovia/Liberia.

Mano River Business Consultancy

The increase in exploration and mine development in Africa has been primarily focussed on gold and diamond exploration but due to explosive market developments in China and India, suddenly iron ore, bauxite and copper are in great demand. Undoubtedly, there is still great scope for these commodities, but riding on the back of improving base metal prices, this sector will see a dramatic increase in activities. Mozambique, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria and Madagascar are but a few countries that have tremendous potential for base metal and industrial mineral deposits. Lately Chinese and Indian companies come to West Africa with cash in the pocket to purchase oil, metal and mineral concessions. This is what Africans understand: "CASH & CARRY" and not empty promises from US and European companies to give shares and future profit. The African is hungry since long time and has an empty belly. They say: "paper walks, money talks". That is the language the Chinese and Indians understand and step by step they obtain one after the other concession for a nickel and a dime and THE WEST will fish behind the net if they don't act fast. This endangers the political situation in several fragile countries as certain powers are subtle trying to destabilize governments in mining countries to later secure permits and concessions from present opposition parties and other "greedy" organization.


Quest for Models


Global Water Volunteers

Presently we are engaged in:

- Development of Palm Oil & Jatropha Plantations
- Iron Ore, Bauxite & Copper Mining
- Diamond, Gold & Uranium Mining

- Founder and consultant STAR MODEL AFRICA

Phone: +447937010344 / +23276822971 / +31610900773

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