Oil palm is an ideal crop for the production of biogas and bio-benzene



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The pellet fuel market continues to grow, serving emerging markets in the Far East and other parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, for instance, pellets are firing massive generators to provide power to millions of people. In North America as access to affordable, efficient power of pellets is growing. The market demand is so high that for quality wood pellets most producers sell their entire production before they even start with the production process for the next year.

Swadust Wood Pallets Matrix for Wood pallets

The booming success of wood pellets in European Countries such as Austria, Denmark and Sweden, has yet to be replicated elsewhere. In Southern European countries, the lack of available wood waste means that pellets from agricultural residues ("agri-pellets") are the most promising solution. With raw materials that costs a fraction of raw materials for agri-pallets, and an availability around thousand times greater in Liberia, the potential of this product for Liberia is immense. And ... It does not require cutting the rainforest.

Wood pallets are made of sawdust -a waste material presently a garbage hazard in Monrovia- mixed with an organic binding agent and then pressed in a matrix into 8X50mm, or in other dimensions and forms to customer’s specifications. As binding agent cassava starch will be used in Liberia. Wood pellets are clean, convenient, and economical. It is known that burning wood is much better for the environment than burning fossil fuels. Better yet, Pellets are made from waste wood, so they efficiently reduce products that previously polluted the environment. Also wood pellets create less dust, and smoke compared to traditional wood burring stoves.

Mano Properties & Investment Inc. (MPI) invites interested partners/parties to establish with investors and local suppliers a sustainable Joint Venture- WOOD PELLETS LIBERIA INC. (WPL). The required investment fund is estimated at $150,000.



Plantation Oil Palm Plantation Oil Palm Plantation Oil Palm

Oil palm grows abundantly in Liberia. Properly cultivated oil palm provides a constant supply of oil for food consumption and also for soap and detergent industries. Like with the rubber also the palm oil can be a profitable venture when involving small scale farmers. It would make much sense to establish a cooperative purchase house where farmers could deposit their yield in consignation to have the cooperation sell it for fair-trade ongoing market prices.

Oil Palm is an ideal crop for the production of biogas and bio-benzene and can be sold to refineries in Europe and the USA or refined in Africa for domestic use. Biogas from palm oil, sugar cane and corn are successfully used as additive to normal gas. It can be mixed without any negative side effect and the polluted emission of biogas is 0%.

MPI has been mandated to sell a 70,000 acres well maintained Oil Palm Plantation in the Mano River Basin. Interested parties are invited to forward a serious bid.

Plantation Oil Palm Plantation Oil Palm Plantation Oil Palm


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