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IAPAC has been involved in many of the large, high profile public affairs campaigns within The Netherlands and Europe , serving international and National clients. We provide our clients with a wide range of services including monitoring, intelligence gathering, political analysis, strategic advice, representation, active lobbying and public procurement. We offer these services at the federal as well as at the regional levels.

Corporate Communications

IAPAC offers support to the clients with the management of their corporate profile and reputation versus stakeholders, legislators, public institutions, consumers, pressure groups, shareholders, trade unions and the general public. Furthermore IAPAC provides specialist advice in crisis and issue management, financial communication and internal communication.

Brand & Consumer Communication

IAPAC’s mission in brand marketing is to develop for its clients a strong market position by leveraging their brand or product towards public opinion or specific target groups.We of IAPAC, contribute to brand awareness by generating the right media coverage and implementing brand image development programmes, advising on endorsement strategies and orchestrating sponsorship activities.

International Public Relations

Increasingly, our global clients entrust us with the conception and implementation of PR assignments that go well beyond the European Union borders and markets. Our offices is a centre point from which to draw on resources from our local offices and network of partner agencies in Europe, in the Near- and Far East Africa and in Asia to build programmes aimed at obtaining a global, as well as an efficient local impact. Our firm is very experienced in the critical task of managing on-site contacts in the execution of campaigns and in structuring and supervising projects that are both consistent and coordinated while tailored to the needs of individual target markets.


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