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World-wide Integrated Public Affairs Support

IAPAC Public Affairs provides clients with integrated cross-border public affairs. IAPAC offers the services of its offices in Brussels and The Hague as well as a world-wide network of affiliates who provide specialist country-specific advice and advocacy services.

There is no set formula to public affairs. We recognise that each client brings new challenges and issues that require a tailored strategic approach. Our advice is based on a very broad range of industry experience across many sectors. Our successes in political lobbying inform our approach to fast moving campaigns.

We offer a number of services in the communications sphere - any one of which we will recommend for implementation, depending on the needs of the client. Each programme we create is a bespoke programme put together using our knowledge of the political mood of the day and the client's objectives. Below is a sample of the sort of services we offer, which is by no means exhaustive.

Hiring our specialist knowledge, our clients are able to anticipate changes and capitalise upon unforeseen opportunities. Our team nurtures a boundless enthusiasm for political history. This is combined with a broad-ranging experience of contemporary politics, which allows us to forecast medium and long term trends and patterns in those public policies which are relevant to our clients’ interests.

QUOTATION The ability to respond quickly to, or in advance of, changes in public government policy is vital to the success of any organisation, be it a business, a representative trade body or a charity. Informed planning, astute political awareness, tenacity in case-making and first-class communications skills are essential attributes for a public affairs programme. These are central to our approach.


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