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Diplomatic appointments and passports are for reputable and respected persons, generally individuals of wealth and means with a valuable network of connections, who can offer the country benefits in return for their appointment. Although each host country may have some slightly different procedure by which they extend diplomatic courtesy, an International Diplomat - as a general rule - may expect so many benefits and privileges from the Worldwide Diplomatic Community that they are difficult to list.

The allure of joining an unique clique of special people, who can do things that ordinary people cannot, is attractive. One can travel through diplomatic channels as a VIP, often without visas, one can instantly arrange a table at the busiest restaurants, and one can obtain VIP service and discounts in a wide range of exclusive stories. Volvo and some other brands are giving big discounts for diplomatic persons. The donations involved with diplomatic appointments are much smaller than the yearly-long discounts one can get. Some applicants use diplomatic passport to set up a nice trade with good profits for both ends.

    Privileges could include:

  • No Tax Liability on any income from outside the host country.

  • Usage of Diplomatic channels at airports, no time delaying and annoying customs checks.

  • Unlimited entry and exit privileges from host country.

  • for world-wide professional and personal travel.

  • Opportunity to meet government officials and be involved in diplomatic circles/parties.

  • Diplomatic Immunity - under International Law; the office and residence of diplomats are extended to the status of immunity, even in the host country.

  • Opportunity to use all the advantages for business purposes that will increase your social status.

  • Free Diplomatic vehicle license plates (CC or CD).

  • No travel or airport departure tax. /fees.

Tasks of a honorary consul:

If you meet with the conditions in your country of citizenship, the Foreign Office of your country can agree or refuse on a consular representation in your city/village and give you the Exequatur as honorarium consul.

If acrredited by the Foreign Office in your country of citizenship, the honorary consulate of the country you represent, led by you , is a foreign country representation of that country and secures the prerequisites for the consular activity in your city.

Main tasks as a honorary consul include among others, the enhancement of relations of trade, economy, culture and science between the country you represent and the country of citizenship as well as the support of the development of the international relations, the representation and perception of the interests of the country you represent, and give assistance and consular protection for country of representtation citizens and institutions. The honorarium consulate supports the work of the Embassy of the country of representation and informs manifold and up-to-date about the production of the country of citizenship and its social life.

On top of the formal consular tasks, the consulate helps with, in the frame of the given possibilities, the production, the economic security and the extension of business from the country of citizenship in the country of representation.

As a honorarium consul, it is also your task to contribute to the traditionally friendly and multilateral relations between the countries and their people, and to represent the interests of the country representation and its citizens. In these strivings, you can always count with the support of the embassy of the country of representation and its Consulates!

    Available diplomatic positions:

  • Honorary Ambassador

  • Honorary Consul

  • Investment consultant for the country of……

  • Officer of a Trade mission

  • Foreign service officer

  • Counsellor

  • Consular Attaché

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