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Although each host country may have some slightly different procedure by which they extend diplomatic courtesy, an International Diplomat - as a general rule - may expect so many benefits and privileges from the Worldwide Diplomatic Community that they are difficult to list. Privileges of an accredited diplomatic appointment and passport as an honorary diplomat could include:

  1. Privileges and immunities granted by the Vienna Conventions of Consular and Diplomatic relations.

  2. Your office and home can be officially designated as a consulate and become inviolable.

  3. An accredited Honorary Consul is entitled to apply for CD (Corps Diplomatic) license plates on his/her car. This way the forces of control will know that you may not be detained in any way.

  4. You may purchase cigarettes, alcohol and other duty free supplies for your consulate.

  5. You can use the diplomatic channels at airports when traveling. You will not be subject to time delaying and annoying custom checks.

  6. You will receive free upgrades from many airlines, hotels etc.

  7. You will be exempt from all forms of tax on any of your income in the host country, derived from outside that country.

  8. You will easy meet government officials and members of other Embassies world wide.

  9. Many doors, which may have been previously closed for you, will remarkably open, once you have received your diplomatic position and status.

  10. Numerous invitations to Royal and Diplomatic society parties will be automatically received now.

  11. When you have a business, its success as well as your social and prestige will boost over night.


Diplomatic appointments and passports are for reputable and respected persons, generally individuals of wealth and means who can offer the country benefits in return for their appointment. When applying for an active position, you should agree with more detailed investigation of your personality and you MUST agree to go to the host country to personally pick up your diplomatic passport and credentials. If you are prepared to remit a 1,500 referral fee (to avoid the merely curious) then you should e-mail us with your specific request.

Required documents

  1. Passport Pages showing photograph, signature, passport number, date, and place of issue are required. Pages with country entry/exit stamps are not required.

  2. A Certificate of Good Conduct (Justice).

  3. An updated Curriculum Vitae.

  4. Character Reference. An original testimonial of good character is required from two references (not from family members). References may be a police, lawyers, register accountants, and bank officials. The names, addresses and phone numbers of the references are required.

  5. Health Certificate. The Health Certificate must show that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious or communicable disease, including HIV.

  6. Eight passport size color photographs are required. These must all be from the same original.

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