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Through our contacts at governmental levels and trusted embassies from different countries, we are in the position to offer legal assistance in applying for citizenships and diplomatic passports, honorary consulships, and various other diplomatic positions in Africa.


Please do not under estimate the consequences of having a Diplomatic Title and passport because it brings many responsibilities and, sometime big difficulties. For example- if you have a diplomatic passport from a Third World country and you want to travel to a western country on this document you still need a visa at any time. Even if some Embassy representatives in Europe or the USA want you to believe other. This visa has to be obtained in the country which provided the passport, at the Embassy of the country you want to visit. In some countries, like Germany, you can even jeopardize your nationally when you travel on such document in the case the government has not accepted and confirmed your status. Also let us inform you that the CIA, FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard and Europol sharply monitor the movements of purchased diplomatic positions. So be very careful with it and think twice before you apply for a Diplomatic position and/or Diplomatic Passport. We are informed about the fact that many people got in big trouble because they were not properly informed by organizations who don’t care of your interest, but are only interested in your money. Also be aware of the fact that in Third World countries, customs, police and army charge more for document handling at border crossings because you bare a title which demands from you to support the local people and system more then ordinary travelers with an ordinary passport. If you still want to pursue you can contact us and we will be glad to assist you

As per our agreement with the respective countries and their issuing authorities we are not able to disclose the exact name of each country at this time. As consultants we are entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. Upon our satisfaction that a potential applicant is genuinely interested we will disclose the name of the country that is in question.

Several countries are willing to grant diplomatic passports and appointments to people who are able to match the country’s criteria and provide the necessary contribution. Active positions (Consul, Vice Consul, Attaché, etc) have serious requirements, that is why Honorary positions (Honorary Consul, Honorary Ambassador, Diplomatic Attaché) are very popular among medium and large business owners who want to protect their business and have much more opportunities than usual person. Be aware at all times that no person can buy or sell such a title or exequator, you have to be appointed officially as result of a diplomatic procedure. All other promises are only tricks to deceive you.

    Relevant diplomatic positions:

  • Honorary Ambassador

  • Honorary Consul

  • Investment Consultant

  • Officer of a Trade mission

  • Foreign service officer

  • Counsellor

  • Consular Attaché

  • Diplomatic Attaché

Our services are available to serious clients only. When applying for an active position, you should agree with more detailed investigation of your personality. Investigation fees are usually added to the total fees. Please contact us by e-mail for more details and requirements. As a part of this program you MUST agree to go to the host country to personally pick up your diplomatic passport and credentials. Application fee is $2,500 to avoid the merely curious.


    Please take good note of the following warnings:

  • Our organisation does not sell diplomatic appointments/passports, nor does it make the decision about a candidate's eligibility or make the diplomatic appointments. All these appointments are made by the involved and concerned Government agencies. We do not issue any official documents; the appropriate governments issue them all.
  • Our organisation does not work for a single government, we can choose who we want to work with and represent, trying to remain neutral in any way possible.
  • The various countries we work with are able to grant diplomatic appointments which meet all the standards as stipulated in the Vienna Convention, thus granting you the right to request the exequatur from your country of residence. ONLY from the moment you have received your exequatur, you will enjoy restricted diplomatic immunity and not sooner, whatever anyone else claims! Be aware of fraud.
  • We will refuse any applications from people who are trying to seek immunity in order to protect their criminal business or person. Diplomatic immunity is part of being a diplomat and should be treated as such. Criminal applicants are not eligible for any diplomatic appointment or position.

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