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Many Diamonds are found in several sub Saharan regions. One carat of diamond is 0.2 gram. That means a 5 carat diamond (costing at least $5'000) weighs only 1 gram. The Cullinan is the biggest diamond ever. It weighs 3106 carats! It was discovered in South Africa on the site of the Premier Mines. Originally, it was evaluated at around 150,000 English pounds. The largest stone cut from the Cullinan is the Star of Africa, now among the British Crown Jewels. It was given to King Edward as a birthday gift. It weighs 530.20 carats and has 74 facets and is still the largest cut diamond in the world.

Diamonds is a facinating subject and are "a girl's best friend" and a "man's pain in the pocket". There are many crooks in this business and one has to be very careful. We are able to purchase legal quality gems in any carat with official certifcates from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

In the past 7 years we established a good reputation in West Africa and have contacts with all governments. This position we cherish and when we do business it has to be transparent and fair for all parties involved. In 2006 we activated 3 small-scale mining operations in Kono and Bo. We can offer 60/40 participations from $25'000 onwards concerning average 1 acre concessions producing approx 50 carat each.

The best stones came from Liberia (embargo) but Sierra Leone has the lead. Guinea has the biggest resources but has not yet been developed properly. The advantage in those countries is that the stones are reasonably surfacial, so one does not have to dig deep. That is why there are so many small scale miners and even more small traders. But number one is to deal with reliable parties and to have proper security. There is only one way to do this properly and that is through the legal system with official documents.

Diamond washing

The carat price of diamond varies with stone quality and size. For example a diamond weighing 2.5 carats and another weighing 10 carats will be priced differently per carat just because of that difference in their sizes. Also a pure 3 carats stone will be more expensive in price than a burnt 8 carat stone per carat. What we learn from above examples is that only when we are in the presence of the miners/dealers we will determine at what price per carat we will buy each stone or a parcel of diamonds. As a guide stones rage in sizes from 0.03 carats to about 20.0 carats per single stone. Common sizes are always between 0.2 to 5.0 carats single stone. Various factors that affect the price apart from the size - the clearity, purity, etc. - and one needs to know all these things before even thinking of starting a diamond business. These factors affect the buying prices and also the selling price!

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