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October 7, 2004


The Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) was established as a Political and Military movement to liberate the Liberian people and the sub-region (west Africa) from the tyrannical leadership of Charles G. Taylor whose ascendancy as President of Liberia was posing problems to the Liberian people and the sub region.

The objective of LURD was accomplished when President Taylor was force into exile due to the pressure from LURD and the International Community especially the United States of America to see reason and save his country from further bloodshed.

The Comprehensive Peace Accord signed by delegates at Accra to include: the Warring parties, Political parties and the Civil Society gave birth to a transitional arrangement with the integration of all of the Parties in the signing process to participate in the government with the mandate of ensuring that peace return to Liberia and the restoration of democracy with the supervision of the International Community.

The Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy with the sole purpose of liberating the people did not hesitate in complying with the CPA that leads to the process of peace for Liberia.

With good faith, LURD under the able leadership of H.E. Sekou Damatee Conneh, Jr. demonstrated her willingness for peace and democracy to prevail in Liberia by carrying out symbolic disarmament before the process of disarmament could begin.

Unfortunately, some so-called and self-proclaimed executives of LURD to include: Ashia Conneh, George Dweh, Kabineh Ja’neh, Charles Bennie, Edward Farley, Jackson Doe, Paul Thomas , Peter Solo, Soko Sackor, Joe Wylie among others who rejoined the Organization at the Reconciliation Conference in Voinjama in June 2003, have decided to keep the Liberian people at carnage, perpetuate themselves in power, prolong the peace process, frustrate the effort of the International Community especially the United States of America thus denying the people of their democratic rights for elections 2005.

The intent to prolong the Liberian crisis is justified from the recent actions of these self-proclaimed and so-called executives, first they asked for the removal of the Finance Minister, failure to remove the minister, they called on the replacement of LURD’s Chairman H.E. Sekou Damatee Conneh, Jr. with that of Kabineh Ja’neh as Chairman of the Movement to accomplish their devilish aim by prolonging the suffering of the Liberian people.

These so-called and self-proclaimed executives of LURD have failed to remove Chairman Conneh and are now fronting to remove the Chairman of the NTGL despite the warning from the International Community that the Peace Process is irreversible. They continue to push their hidden agenda by using their political seats in Government to confuse the International Community especially the USA and ECOWAS, thus clearly shows their unwillingness to allow peace to prevail in Liberia.

In the recent Press Release, we indicated that Speaker George Dweh continues to embarrass the honorable men and women of the NTLA from his utterances and actions which are anti-peace thus bringing the Legislative branch to public disrepute. Speaker Dweh recent letter to the NPA Management describing the legitimate leadership of LURD under the Chairmanship of Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. as former, and the devilish leadership headed by self-proclaimed chairman Kabenh Ja’neh, as legitimate contradicts his recent letter addressed to Chairman Sekou Damatee Conneh Jr. as head of LURD on the celebration of the first anniversary of the CPA on 18th of August at the Capital Building in Liberia. This clearly indicates speaker Dweh evil intent to successfully derail the ongoing peace process. We call on the honorable members of the NTLA to be mindful of the devilish deals of Speaker Dweh who aim is to prolong the crisis and keep the Liberian people at carnage.

We call on the International Community especially the United States of America not to give these so-called, self-proclaimed executives and anti elements of peace credence, they have no power or authority to derail the Peace Process despite their persistent call for the change of leadership at this crucial stage of the CPA when disarmament is smoothly been carryon by UNMIL.

The issue of controversy over the leadership of LURD is a mere joke by the Anti-elements of peace. These are people who are using the sympathy of LURD nomination to position in government to confuse the International Community, take advantage of the presence of UNMIL to organize Gangs within Monrovia to create panic and chaos among the destitute people of the nation who are suffering from the 14 years war thus undermines the security of the State.

The legitimate leadership of LURD under H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. dissociate with Speaker George Dweh and his cohorts who are anti-elements of peace from recent pronouncement and actions which have the propensity to undermine the efforts of the International Community especially the United States of America and ECOWAS in bringing peace to Liberia.

The Leadership of LURD is not prepare to temper with democracy, violence does not have room in Liberia just from 14 years internecine war. Violence is over, former LURD, GOL and MODEL don’t have Military Barracks, we are constituent of the NTGL. “NO GOVERNMENT IN GOVERNMENT”.

Beware of Speaker Dweh and others, the incidence of 90s which prolonged the peace process cannot be repeated to keep this Country backward. Say no to the Anti- elements of peace. Say no! Say no! Say no! and No! Insist that Liberians want and deserve peace for the growth and development of this Nation.

"Elections 2005 is a must”

LURD objective is liberation not to impose leadership on the Liberian people.


Voinjama, Lofa County,
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Satellite phone: 008821621185077

September 30, 2004


Since the inception of the Liberian conflict which created a new day in the history of this nation and a birth of massive destruction of lives and properties. Some Liberians see themselves as lord of the people, others created themselves overnight as heroes of the revolution and have proclaimed themselves as gods. They preached anti-peace, because with peace they find themselves left out of the process in the governance of this nation. Therefore, they wish the existence of conflict to continue their rude as leader imposed on the people.

Mr. George Dweh, a militia, conscripted in the army in the early 90s conflict, a dictator, tyrant, self proclaimed liberator and defender of his kinsmen has participated in every violence conflicts which have beset the development and progress of this nation. Dweh continues to embarrass his kinsman and the people of Liberia, as you are aware Dweh is literally limited and dangerous to the peace process. In recent time his utterances against the disarmament deadline which according to him is unrealistic clearly demonstrates that he is not ought for peace. The prolongation of this crisis is of his taste as a means of perpetuating himself in power and keeping the Liberian people at carnage.

The National Chairman of LURD, H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. on his recent visit to the headquarter of the Movement in Voinjama said on quote “Some of us under normal condition will never have work to do, so we will always strive for conflict in order to remain in power".

Hon. Conneh statement describes exactly the kind of man, George Dweh, his persistent change of leadership in this Interim arrangement clearly shows his unwillingness to allow the people of Liberia to have a day to decide democratically the one that will lead them to development and prosperity.

Mr. Dweh as head of the first branch of government cannot work/operate separately of the other branches. He continues to bring disgrace and embarrassment to the dignified and honorable men and women of the NTLA by his negative utterances in the peace process. He has reduced the NTLA to a propaganda machinery gear toward promoting disunity and seeds of discord among the Liberian people. His letter to the Management of the National Port Authority (NPA) especially to the Deputy Managing Director for Administration not to honor the appointment of the Managing Director by the Executive undermines the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, which gives the appointing power to the Executive and not the Legislative. This act is a violation of the law of this Republic which warrant his impeachment as head of the Legislative branch.

Mr. Dweh has no standing army or men to stop peace from coming to Liberia. He is presently using his political office in government to confuse the International Community most especially the United States of America as if he is in charge of men to create chaos. He is insignificant when it comes to dealing with men who fought in the Liberian crisis.

Mr. George Dweh is not the spokesman of LURD. He is a criminal who wants to keep the Liberian people at carnage after 14 years of war. Criminal Dweh with a track record of unwanted killings of several prominent personalities continues to lie to the people of Liberia and the International Community most especially the United States of America as regard the cut off date of disarmament of which he said that the Stakeholders within the peace process disagreed, and he was in consultation with every stakeholders, this is a mere insinuation of the peace process.

Mr. Dweh should be warned by the International Community especially the United States of America – he should not see himself as the only trouble man leaving the work of the NTLA undone and usurping other functions of government. His continue imposition on the suffering people who are in need of peace is unacceptable.

It is about time that we give peace a chance for the untold suffering our people continue to experience. Dweh aim is to use guns as “Protector” against the Liberian people thereby denying the people of their democratic freedom.

The International Contact Group on Liberia most especially the United States of America and ECOWAS should not give credence to anti- peace elements who wants to keep the Liberian people at carnage. There are some false people going around West Africa especially in Ghana claiming to be the legitimate leaders of LURD and are out there calling for the change of the Interim leader of the Transitional Government to prolong the crisis in Liberia.


Voinjama, Lofa County,
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Satellite phone: 008821621185077

June 30, 2004


As the stand for praises to the Peace Process grows amongst Liberians far and near, the Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) is pleased to inform the public in general that the war is over and the gospel of peace must be preached by all Liberians in line with the Accra Peace Accord.

    In this vein therefore, the organization LURD wishes to address issue of the below individuals as follow:

  • Hon. George Dweh

    Let it be known by Hon. Dweh that as Speaker of the Legislative Branch of Government, the challenge before him is great - to perform his national duties in truth and honesty. But it is regrettable to know that in spite of such a great task, the Speaker has engaged in activities as Spokesman for LURD. In this vein therefore, Hon. Dweh is advised to desist from such useless labor, and focus on the national task before him.

  • Hon. Kabineh Ja'neh

    As Minister of Justice of the nation, it is believed that Hon. Ja'neh is Government's most senior lieutenant for advocating Peace and Justice in the Country. It is however touching to know that Hon. Ja'neh is engaged in subversive acts, which are designed only to create disunity within membership of LURD, in a desire for selfish leadership to set up another rebel movement in this country. In view of this therefore, the Organization LURD hereby strongly admonish the Minister of those acts which may be aimed at creating avenues yet for another war-like affairs in Liberia, when Peace is now gaining root for a happy Liberia.

  • Aicha Keita

    Even though it may sound true that matter between a man and a woman who are both somehow connected by some line of love union-ship ought to be considered personal and treated with some degree of non-interference, the situation in LURD, concerning Aicha Keita and H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. seems to be that of an exception on grounds of the legality of that union-ship. As we have carefully assessed the situation between Aicha Keita and Chairman Conneh, we wish to unfold herein, with dismay that the Aicha Keita is not the legitimate wife of Chairman Conneh. H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh is married to Madam Mabongo Conneh. Said wedding now has a twenty- years-old age behind it, since 1984. Madam Mabongo conneh is presently residing outside country for the education of their children.

It becomes very much regrettable and unbelievable to know that Aicha Keita, the non-legal wife of Hon. Sekou Damate Conneh would stand to gain more legal marital rights to him than Madam Conneh, the legal wife. The question which comes in our minds then is, is Aicha Keita herself really the source of trouble in LURD today, or is she being used by ugly and selfish aimed politician for disunity in LURD?

In view of the foregoing therefore, we hereby wish to admonish the Government and people of Liberia to be aware of the above-mentioned individuals, as their acts are not in the interest of Peace but disunity but war-like affairs in the country.

The Government of Chairman Bryant, the people of the Republic of Liberia and the International Community as as a whole must remain reassured of LURD's fullest support and commitment to the ongoing Peace process.

    May God Almighty richly bless the State

From: LURD Secretariat
Monrovia, Liberia

June 23, 2004


At this time in our nation's history after 14-years of civil war, when Liberian and friends of Liberia are advocating for peace and unity in Liberia and among Liberians. It is regretable to know that yet few liberians, who are in government today, continue to engage in ugly acts and propaganda, which are aimed at creating disunity among Liberians, and to cause another civil war.

In this view therefore, and after careful examination of our house, LURD has come to realize that few of her Executive and Non- Executive members are those Liberians engaged in ugly acts and propaganda aimed at creating disunity among Liberians and to derail the Peace Proces.

    The said members are.

  • Edward Farley: Chief Protocol Officer/LURD - Not Executive Member

  • Kabinneh Ja'neh: Executive Member/Legal Counsul

  • George Dweh: associate Member/LURD - Not Executive Member

  • Paul Thomas: Former Vice Chairman/LURD- Released of his post for $200.00 USD embezzlement and replaced by the late Cheyee Doe.

  • Charles Bennies: Not Executive Member

  • Soko Sackor: Not Executive Member

As it is true that the above individuals are members of LURD only one is considered as Executive member. We wish to inform the International Community, especially ECOWAS and the United States of America of an old Chinese proverb which states that "You can't stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building nest into your head". Be mindful of double-minded politicians.

Let it be kown by all Liberians that the Peace Process is irreversible, forward under the canopy of the International Community and the United States of America and NOT individual.

Frankly speaking it is of no surprise to know that the above mentioned characters, who today enjoy benefits in Government through LURD, could engage in acts aimed at bringing shame to the organization and to derail the ongoing peace process.

Let's have a flash-back of the Kabinneh Ja'neh, who one time worked with the National Port Authority during 1993 NTGL under ULIMO K was released off his post as a result of negative views. Today, the same man as Minister of Justice on LURD's slot, should he not be the one to preach unity among Liberians? But instead, he dwells on acts designed to create chaos among them. It is a shame. Kabinneh Ja'neh must disembark and live straight with the people for whom he works.

From: LURD Secretariat, Monrovia, Liberia

June 21, 2004


With respect to the ongoing peace process presently prevailing in Liberia and view of reports that the "DDRR" programs under the said peace process is at the same time undergoing a successful implementation. It is befitting at this time, again to reassure the Liberian people as well as the International Community most especially ECOWAS and the the Great United States of America of LURD's fullest commitment to the entire peace process in full support and recognition to the Interim Government of Chairman Bryant.

Meanwhile we wish to register with dismay herein that few disgruntle elements of the organization, LURD who are even placed in key positions in government through the organization's slots, but are not clothed with the appropriate authority for official decisions of the organization, are engaged in acts in the name of LURD which have the propensity to derail the ongoing Peace Process.

It must be understood that the change of LURD's leadership is in no way within the scope of these disgruntling elements calling themselves 'Executive Committee Members'. Therefore said disgruntle elements in government found of engaging themselves in unwanted acts only aimed at creating confusion within the country must now disembark, and preach gospel to enhance the Peace Process. The war is over, ALL Liberians must unite and join efforts for the good of the Country.

May God Almighty richly bless the state.

LURD's Informations Center

September 13, 2003



The Accra Peace Pact – negotiated settlement – has been signed and all parties to the conflict are endeavoring to abide by it and make it work to enhance peace and stability in Liberia and the sub-region.

Considering LURD’s initial objective of fostering the growth of peace and democracy in Liberia, we do not intend to engage in any shouting match especially with ECOWAS mediators and other facilitators and stakeholders, we intend to uphold the values of democratization for which we fought Taylor.

It is noteworthy to mention at this point in time that Mr. Bryant – chosen out of the blues –to head Liberia in the interim must work from a position of neutrality and not to compromise the safety and security of Liberians.

On the contrary, Bryant is now engaged actively in acts which has the tendency and propensity to derail the process – Bryant is engaged in semantics to elude the parties that pressurized Taylor in to exile – Bryant is taking unilateral decisions without consulting the key components that ushered peace and sent the devil into the deep blue sea.
Bryant beware – If there is no war there is less of a possibility for an attack – Bryant avoid being caught in a quagmire – Liberians do not intend going back to a life of uncertainty.

Bryant’s unilateral decisions influenced by recycled politicians is steering the ship of peace on a collision course – Bryant’s assertion that the armed parties to the conflict shall not be represented in certain aspects of the Transitional Government machinery is suicidal: - LURD views this as an act preconceived and detrimental to the letter of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed:-August 18/2003.
LURD shall be represented FULLY in every Ministry and Agency – Come What May.

Furthermore, in view of financial constraints facing the in-coming National Transitional Government, LURD is proposing a twenty-one (21) man transitional team with 3 representatives from each of the warring parties – LURD, MODEL and GOL, 4 representatives from the 18 political parties, 4 representatives from civil society and 3 representatives from the Chairman-elect and Vice Chairman-elect.

LURD reiterates its undaunted and firm commitment to a peaceful, transparent and smooth transition comes October 14, 2003.

Freedom and self-government represents the basis of a nations constituency – therefore all parties must tighten their grips on the word PEACE and make it sustainable and durable.

LURD and MODEL has broken Taylor’s cycle of impunity – LURD and MODEL understands the dynamics of the conflict – therefore Mr. Bryant must fully cooperate with the principal actors or else he might be caught in a web. – Bryant: the Politicians are fanning around with their wild fangs – It is too soon to allow yourself to be manipulated by these so called Liberian political experts.

Bryant, remember the old adage "not all gutter rats were born in the gutter and therefore not all gutter rats will die in the gutter".

The Secretariat/LURD

National Headquarters
Voinjama City, Lofa county
Republic of Liberia

August 24, 2003



It is better to do the right thing at the right time than to assume that is any wrong way of doing the right thing. The National Chairman of LURD – H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. has always ascribed to the original assertion for the immediate removal of Taylor- which happens to be the sole objective of LURD- The indicted criminal , Taylor is now a refugee- LURD’s objective has not been fully achieved- We have absolutely no reason to continue hostilities-however, LURD calls on the International Community, most especially the Great United States to exert pressure on the remnants of Taylor’s era-Taylor’s militia-to immediately pull out of the City of Monrovia, thus rendering the city arm free to enhance the capacity of Local and International humanitarian agencies to provide the much needed humanitarian assistance to citizens and residents of Monrovia and its adjacent parts.

LURD is committed to bringing and restoring peace to Liberia in the long-term and to restructure social mechanics wittingly damaged by the disruption of whole societies as a result of massive failures of social engineering by Taylor and his cronies.

LURD intends and shall be a key component of a transitional government- which will be all inclusive and which will adequately prepare for elections- LURD shall fulfill it’s moral obligations- thus, creating a new fora in te Geo-politics of Liberia. LURD’s major role in the coming transitional government shall be the restoration of confidence, trust, democratization, stability; reconstruction and development and shall futher forster close ties with the International community to realize the manifestation of these goals in the utmost interest of Liberia and Liberians.

The time is ripe for all Liberians to bury all primordial sentiments- regardless of ethnic, religious and social affiliations- pool all resources together to ensure major disarmament, reconstruction, rehabilitaion and to subsequently, oversee a smooth transitional era, thus, forstering the growth of democracy and returning Liberia to it’s rightful place in comity of Nations.

NOTE: Taylor’s militia continue to attack our positions within the Gbarnga axis with the intention of gaining Taylor’s farm which we presently occupy-furthermore, Taylor’s militia (SOD/ATU) are infiltrating ECOMIL lines and arresting LURD soldiers to retrieve lost properties: we see this as an act of provocation and a violation of the recent cease-fire agreement signed in Accra, Ghana- We therefoer, in this expedient manner call on the ECOMIL to arrest said deplorable acts being perpetrated by the SOD and ATU.

The Secretariat/LURD

National Headquarters
Voinjama City, Lofa county
Republic of Liberia

ACCRA/GHANA August 18, 2003

DOCUMENT: Liberia Comprehensive Peace Agreement









ACCRA 18th AUGUST, 2003



Having met in Akosombo and Accra, Ghana, from 4 June, 2003 to 18th August 2003, to seek a negotiated settlement of the crisis in Liberia, within the framework of the ECOWAS Peace Process for Liberia, under the auspices of the current Chairman of ECOWAS, His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor, President of the Republic of Ghana, and the mediation of General Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Head of State of Nigeria;

Gravely concerned about the current civil war that has engulfed our country leading to loss of innumerable lives, wanton destruction of our infrastructure and properties and massive displacement of our people;

Recalling earlier initiatives undertaken by the Member States of ECOWAS and the International Community, aimed at bringing about a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Liberia;

Moved by the imperative need to respond to the ardent desire of the people of Liberia for genuine lasting peace, national unity and reconciliation;

Reaffirming the objective of promoting better relations among ourselves by ensuring a stable political environment in which our people can live in freedom under the law and in true and lasting peace, free from any threat against their security;

Determined to concert our efforts to promote democracy in the sub-region on the basis of political pluralism and respect for fundamental human rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the African Charter on Human and People's Rights and other widely recognised international instruments on human rights, including those contained in the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia;

Guided by the principles of democratic practice, good governance and respect for the rule of law enunciated in the ECOWAS Declaration on Political Principles of 1991 and the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance adopted in 2001;

Committed to promoting an all-inclusive participation in governance and the advancement of democracy in Liberia, as well as promoting full respect for international humanitarian law and human rights;

Concerned about the socio-economic well being of the people of Liberia;

Determined to foster mutual trust and confidence amongst ourselves and establish mechanisms which will facilitate genuine healing and reconciliation amongst Liberians;

Also determined to establish sustainable peace and security, and pledging forthwith to settle all past, present and future differences by peaceful and legal means and to refrain from the threat of, or use of force;

Recognising that the Liberian crisis also has external dimensions that call for good neighbourliness in order to have durable peace and stability in the Mano River Union States and in the sub-region;

Re-committing ourselves to the scrupulous observance of the Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed at Accra, Ghana on 17th June 2003, which constitutes an integral part of this Peace Agreement and is thereby appended as Annex I to the present Agreement;

Re-calling the establishment in 2002, of an International Contact Group on Liberia to support the efforts of ECOWAS in bringing durable peace to Liberia;

Committed to the establishment of an orderly transition process, to prevent the outbreak of future civil conflict in Liberia and the consequences of conflicts;

Desirous of seeking international assistance and support in restoring peace and stability to Liberia;


For the purpose of this Agreement:

"AU" means the African Union;

"Ceasefire Agreement" means the Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed by the GOL, the LURD and the MODEL on 17th June 2003;

"CMC" means the Contracts and Monopolies Commission;

"DDRR" means Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration;

"ECOWAS" means the Economic Community of West African States;

"EU" means the European Union;

"GOL" means the present Government of Liberia;

"GRC" means the Governance Reform Commission;

"ICGL" means the International Contact Group on Liberia;

"ICRC" means the International Committee of the Red Cross;

"IMC" means the Implementation Monitoring Committee;

"INCHR" means Independent National Commission on Human Rights established under Article XII of this Agreement;

"Irregular Forces" mean all forces that are not established in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Liberia

"Interposition Force" means the ECOWAS Mission in Liberia which will be part of the ISF;

"ISF" means the International Stabilisation Force established under paragraph 7 of the Ceasefire Agreement;

"JMC" means The Joint Monitoring Committee established under paragraph 6 of the Ceasefire Agreement;

"JVT" means the Joint Verification Team established under paragraph 3 of the Ceasefire Agreement;

"LNP" means the Liberian National Police;

"LURD" means Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy;

"MODEL" means Movement for Democracy in Liberia;

"NCDDRR" means the National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration established under Article VI of this Agreement;

"NEC" means the National Electoral Commission;

"NTGL" means the National Transitional Government of Liberia;

"NTLA" means National Transitional Legislative Assembly;

"Parties" means the Parties to this Agreement;

"Political Parties" means Political Parties registered under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

"The Agreement" means this Comprehensive Peace Agreement;

"Chairman" means the Head of the NTGL;

"Vice-Chairman" means the Deputy Head of the NTGL;

"TRC" means Truth and Reconciliation Commission established under Article XIII of this Agreement;

"UN" means the United Nations Organization;

"UNCIVPOL" means the United Nations Civil Police Component of the United Nations Stabilisation Force;

"UNICEF" means United Nations Children Fund;

"UNHCR" means the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights;

"UNDP" means the United Nations Development Programme.

The armed conflict between the present Government of Liberia (GOL), the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) is hereby ended with immediate effect. Accordingly, all the Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement shall ensure that the ceasefire established at 0001 hours on 18th June, 2003, results in the observation of a total and permanent cessation of hostilities forthwith.


1. The Parties call on ECOWAS to immediately establish a Multinational Force that will be deployed as an Interposition Force in Liberia, to secure the ceasefire, create a zone of separation between the belligerent forces and thus provide a safe corridor for the delivery of humanitarian assistance and free movement of persons.

2. The mandate of the ECOWAS Interposition Force shall also include the following:

a. Facilitating and monitoring the disengagement of forces as provided under Article V of this Agreement;

b. Obtaining data and information on activities relating to military forces of the parties to the Ceasefire Agreement and coordinating all military movements;

c. Establishing conditions for the initial stages of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) activities;

d. Ensuring respect by the Parties for the definitive cessation of hostilities and all other aspects of the Ceasefire Agreement;

e. Ensuring the security of senior political and military leaders;

f. Also ensuring the security of all personnel and experts involved in the implementation of this Agreement in collaboration with all parties;

g. Monitoring the storage of arms, munitions and equipment, including supervising the collection, storage and custody of battlefield or offensive armament in the hands of combatants;

3. The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) established under the terms of the Ceasefire Agreement, and composed of representatives of ECOWAS, the UN, AU, ICGL and Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement shall continue to supervise and monitor the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement. ;

4. Prior to the deployment of the International Stabilisation Force, a representative of ECOWAS shall chair the JMC.

5. The JMC shall:

a. Resolve disputes concerning implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement, including the investigation of any alleged violation and also recommend remedial action for confirmed ceasefire violations.

b. Submit for approval, its recommendations to the Implementation Monitoring Committee (IMC) referred to under Article XXVIII(2) and (3) in this Agreement which is seized with the responsibility of monitoring the implementation of this Peace Agreement.

6. The Parties shall provide the JMC with any relevant information on the organisation, equipment and locations of their forces, and such information will be kept confidential.


1. The GOL, the LURD, the MODEL and the Political Parties agree on the need for the deployment of an International Stabilization Force (ISF) in Liberia. Accordingly, the Parties hereby request the United Nations in collaboration with ECOWAS, the AU and the ICGL to facilitate, constitute, and deploy a United Nations Chapter VII force in the Republic of Liberia to support the transitional government and to assist in the implementation of this Agreement.

2. The ECOWAS Interposition Force is expected to become a part of the International Stabilisation Force.

3. The Parties request the ISF to assume the following mandate:

a. Observe and monitor the ceasefire;

b. Investigate violations of the security aspects of this Agreement and take necessary measures to ensure compliance.

c. Monitor disengagement and cantonment of forces of the Parties and provide security at disarmament/cantonment sites;

d. Collect weapons at disarmament sites and elsewhere and ensure that the weapons so collected are properly accounted for and adequately secured;

e. Assist in the coordination and delivery of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other war-affected persons;

f. Facilitate the provision and maintenance of humanitarian assistance and protect displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other affected persons;

g. Verify all information, data and activities relating to the military forces of the Parties;

h. Along with ECOWAS and the International Contact Group on Liberia, provide advice and support to the Transitional Government provided for in this Agreement on the formation of a new and restructured Liberian Army;

i. Assist with security for elections;

j. Take the necessary means whenever the need arises and as it deems within its capabilities, to protect civilians, senior political and military leaders under imminent threat of physical violence;

k. Coordinate with ECOWAS in the implementation of this Agreement;

3. The Parties expect that units of the ISF shall be selected from countries acceptable to all the Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement.

4. The Parties to this Agreement call on the ISF to remain in place until otherwise determined by the UN Security Council and the elected Government of Liberia.


1. There shall be immediate disengagement of forces of the Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement in line with the principles of that Agreement.

2. Disengagement of forces shall mean the immediate breaking of tactical contact between opposing military forces of the GOL, the LURD, and the MODEL, at places where they are in direct contact or within range of direct fire weapons.

3. Immediate disengagement at the initiative of all military units shall be limited to the effective range of direct fire weapons. Further disengagement to pull all weapons out of range shall be conducted under the guidance of the ISF. The Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement undertake to remain in their disengagement positions until the conclusion of cantonment plans by the International Stabilisation Force and the NCDDRR established under Article VI(8) of the Agreement. They are also responsible for armed groups operating within their territories.

4. Where immediate disengagement is not possible, a framework and sequence of disengagement shall be agreed upon by all parties to the Ceasefire through the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC).

5. Wherever disengagement by movement is impossible or impractical, alternative solutions requiring that weapons are rendered safe shall be designed by the ISF.



1. The Parties commit themselves to ensuring the prompt and efficient implementation of a national process of cantonment, disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration.

2. The ISF shall conduct the disarmament of all combatants of the Parties including paramilitary groups.

3. Following disengagement, all forces shall withdraw from combat positions to cantonment locations in accordance with the withdrawal and cantonment plan to be published by the International Stabilisation Force and the NCDDRR, no later than thirty (30) days after installation of the NTGL. The current Armed Forces of Liberia shall be confined to the barracks, their arms placed in armouries and their ammunition in storage bunkers.

4. All arms and ammunition shall be placed under constant surveillance by the ISF.

5. The JMC shall verify the reported data and information provided by the GOL, the LURD and the MODEL about their forces. All forces shall be restricted to the declared and recorded locations and all movements shall be authorized by the JMC and the ISF.

6. All combatants shall remain in the declared and recorded locations until they proceed to reintegration activities or training for entry into the restructured Liberian armed forces or into civilian life.

7. The ISF is requested to deploy to all disarmament and demobilization locations in order to facilitate and monitor the program of disarmament.

8. There shall be an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (NCDDRR), to coordinate DDRR activities.

9. The NCDDRR shall comprise representatives from relevant NTGL Agencies, the GOL, LURD, MODEL, ECOWAS, the United Nations, the African Union and the ICGL.

10. It shall oversee and coordinate the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration of combatants, working closely with the ISF and all relevant international and Liberian institutions and agencies.

11. Upon the signing of the present Agreement, the Transitional Government provided for in this Agreement, shall request the International Community to assist in the implementation of the Cantonment, Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration program through the provision of adequate financial and technical resources.



1. The Parties agree that:

a. All irregular forces shall be disbanded.

b. The Armed Forces of Liberia shall be restructured and will have a new command structure. The forces may be drawn from the ranks of the present GOL forces, the LURD and the MODEL, as well as from civilians with appropriate background and experience. The Parties request that ECOWAS, the UN, AU, and the ICGL provide advisory staff, equipment, logistics and experienced trainers for the security reform effort. The Parties also request that the United States of America play a lead role in organising this restructuring program.

2. The following Principles shall be taken into account in the formation of the restructured Liberian Armed Forces:

a. Incoming service personnel shall be screened with respect to educational, professional, medical and fitness qualifications as well as prior history with regard to human rights abuses;

b. The restructured force shall take into account the country's national balance. It shall be composed without any political bias to ensure that it represents the national character of Liberia;

c. The Mission of the Armed Forces of Liberia shall be to defend the national sovereignty and in extremis, respond to natural disasters;

d. All Parties shall cooperate with ECOWAS, the UN, the AU, the ICGL and the United States of America.

3. All Parties together shall organise Information, Education and Communication (IEC) programs to sensitise the Liberian public as to the mission and activities of the restructuring plan.


1. There shall be an immediate restructuring of the National Police Force, the Immigration Force, Special Security Service (SSS), custom security guards and such other statutory security units. These restructured security forces shall adopt a professional orientation that emphasizes democratic values and respect for human rights, a non-partisan approach to duty and the avoidance of corrupt practices.

2. The Special Security Units including the Anti-Terrorist Unit, the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the Liberian National Police Force and such paramilitary groups that operate within organisations as the National Ports Authority (NPA), the Liberian Telecommunications Corporation (NTC), the Liberian Refining Corporation (LPRC) and the Airports shall be disarmed and restructured.

3. Until the deployment of newly trained national police, maintenance of law and order throughout Liberia shall be the responsibility of an interim police force.

4. The Parties call on the United Nations Civil Police components (UNCIVPOL) within the ISF to monitor the activities of the interim police force and assist in the maintenance of law and order throughout Liberia.

5. The Parties also call on UNCIVPOL and other relevant International Agencies to assist in the development and implementation of training programs for the LNP.

6. The interim police force will only be allowed to carry side arms.

7. All large calibre weapons shall be turned over to the ISF.



All political prisoners and prisoners of war, including non-combatants and abductees shall be released immediately and unconditionally by the Parties.


All Parties shall provide the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and other relevant national and international agencies with information regarding their prisoners of war, abductees or persons detained because of the war, to enable the ICRC and other relevant national and international agencies visit them and verify any details regarding their condition and status before their release.


The Parties call on the ICRC and such other relevant national and international agencies to give all the necessary assistance to the released persons, including re-location to any part of Liberia.



1a. The Parties agree that the basic civil and political rights enunciated in the Declaration and Principles on Human Rights adopted by the United Nations, African Union, and ECOWAS, in particular, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, and as contained in the Laws of Liberia, shall be fully guaranteed and respected within Liberia.

b. These basic civil and political rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from torture, the right to a fair trial, freedom of conscience, expression and association, and the right to take part in the governance of one's country.

2a. The Parties agree on the need for the establishment of an Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR).

b. The INCHR shall monitor compliance with the basic rights guaranteed in the present Peace Agreement as well as promote human rights education throughout the various sectors of Liberian society, including schools, the media, the police and the military.

3. The INCHR shall work together with local Liberian human rights and civil society organizations, international human rights organisations and other relevant U.N. agencies to monitor and strengthen the observance of human rights in the country.

4. Technical, financial and material assistance may be sought by the INCHR from the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR), the African Commission on Human and People's Rights and other relevant international organizations.


1. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission shall be established to provide a forum that will address issues of impunity, as well as an opportunity for both the victims and perpetrators of human rights violations to share their experiences, in order to get a clear picture of the past to facilitate genuine healing and reconciliation.

2. In the spirit of national reconciliation, the Commission shall deal with the root causes of the crises in Liberia, including human rights violations.

3. This Commission shall, among other things, recommend measures to be taken for the rehabilitation of victims of human rights violations.

4. Membership of the Commission shall be drawn from a cross-section of Liberian society. The Parties request that the International Community provide the necessary financial and technical support for the operations of the Commission.



1a. The Parties re-affirm the commitment made in the Ceasefire Agreement, to provide security guarantees for safe and unhindered access by all humanitarian agencies to vulnerable groups throughout the country, in order to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance in accordance with international conventions, principles and norms governing humanitarian operations.

b. Accordingly, the Parties agree to guarantee the security and movement of humanitarian personnel, that of their properties, goods transported, stocked or distributed, as well as their projects and beneficiaries.

2. The Transitional Government provided for in this agreement shall ensure the establishment of effective administrative and security infrastructure to monitor and support the implementation of these guarantees contained in sub-paragraph 1b of the present Article XIV.

3. The said Transitional Government shall request the International Community to assist in providing humanitarian assistance for those in need, including internally displaced persons, refugees and returnees.

4. The Parties shall ensure the presence of security guarantees for the safe return and resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons and the free movement of persons and goods.


The Parties undertake to respect as well as encourage the Liberian populace to also respect the principles and rules of International Humanitarian law in post-conflict Liberia.



1. A Governance Reform Commission is hereby established. The Commission shall be a vehicle for the promotion of the principles of good governance in Liberia.

2. The mandate of the Commission shall be to:

a. Review the existing program for the Promotion of Good Governance in Liberia, with the objective of adjusting its scope and strategy for implementation;

b. Develop public sector management reforms through assessment, reforms, capacity building and performance monitoring;

c. Ensure transparency and accountability in governance in all government institutions and activities, including acting as the Public Ombudsman;

d. Ensure subsidiarity in governance through decentralisation and participation;

e. Ensure a national and regional balance in appointments without compromising quality and integrity;

f. Ensure an enabling environment which will attract private sector direct investment;

g. Monitor, assess and report to the NTLA on the implementation and impact of activities undertaken to encourage the practice of good governance in Liberia.

3. The Structure of the Commission shall be as follows:

a. The Commission shall be established as an independent Commission with seven (7) permanent members appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by the NTLA, from a list provided by civil society organisations. It shall have a chairperson who must be from the civil society. Its membership shall include women.

b. The members must have experience in one or more of the following: Public Sector Management, Corporate Law, Finance and Auditing Regulations, Trade Policies and NGO activities. They must be men and women of known integrity with national and/or international experience.

4. The Commission shall submit quarterly reports directly to the NTLA who shall make recommendations thereon to the Chairman for action.

5. The NTGL calls on the UNDP, relevant international organisations and the ICGL to provide financial, logistics and technical support for the Commission.


1. A Contract and Monopolies Commission is hereby established in Liberia to oversee activities of a contractual nature undertaken by the NTGL.

2. Its mandate shall include:

a. Ensuring that all public financial and budgetary commitments entered into by the NTGL are transparent, non-monopolistic and in accordance with the laws of Liberia and internationally accepted norms of commercial practice;

b. Ensuring that public officers will not use their positions to benefit from any contract financed from public funds;

c. Publishing all tenders in the media and on its own website to ensure maximum competition and transparency. The Commission shall also publish on its website the result of tenders as well as a record of all commercial entities that have participated and succeeded in reviewing contracts;

d. Ensuring the formulation and effective implementation of sound macro-economic policies that will support sustainable development goals;

e. Collaborate with the international institutions to provide finance to Liberia in carrying out its functions

3. a. The Commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Chairman, on the approval of the NTLA, from the broad spectrum of civil society, who may or may not be technocrats.

b. The members shall be persons of sound judgement and integrity who are independent of the commercial sector. The members must have sufficient experience to be able to review contract documents and procedures to ensure that public funds are used without favour and with complete transparency.

c. The members of the CMC shall be assisted by independent national and international experts.


1. The Parties agree that the present electoral system in Liberia shall be reformed.

2a. In this regard and amongst other measures that may be undertaken, the National Elections Commission (NEC) shall be reconstituted and shall be independent. It shall operate in conformity with UN standards, in order to ensure that the rights and interests of Liberians are guaranteed, and that the elections are organized in a manner that is acceptable to all.

b. Appointments to the NEC shall be made by the Chairman with the advice and consent of the NTLA within three months from the entry into force of this Agreement. It shall be composed of men and women of integrity.


1. The Parties agree that, given the present circumstances, and until appropriate conditions are met, the Presidential and General elections scheduled for October, 2003 shall be postponed.

2. National elections shall be conducted not later than October, 2005.

3. In order to create appropriate conditions for elections, a re-demarcation of constituencies shall be carried out in order to take account of newly created Counties.

4a. The Parties agree that the Transitional Government provided for in this Agreement shall request the United Nations, the African Union, ECOWAS and other members of the International Community as appropriate, to jointly conduct, monitor, and supervise the next elections in the country.

b. Voters education and registration programs shall be organized by the newly reconstituted NEC, in collaboration with other national and International organisations under the supervision of the United Nations.


1a. With the exit of the President Charles Taylor of the Republic of Liberia, the GOL shall be headed by the Vice President for an interim period.

b. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the current President for a period not beyond 14th October 2003, whereupon the Transitional Government provided for in this Agreement shall be immediately installed.


1. An all-inclusive Transitional Government to be called the National Transitional Government of Liberia, (NTGL), is hereby established to replace the present Government of Liberia.

2. The NTGL shall be inaugurated and fully commence operations by 14th October, 2003 and its mandate shall expire on the third Monday of January 2006 when the next elected Government of Liberia shall be inaugurated.

3. Immediately upon the installation of the NTGL in Liberia, all cabinet Ministers, Deputy and Assistant Ministers, heads of autonomous agencies, commissions, heads of public corporations and State-owned enterprises of the current GOL shall be deemed to have resigned. This does not preclude re-appointment according to the appropriate provisions of this Agreement.

4. The authority of the NTGL shall be established and recognised throughout the territory of the Republic of Liberia, immediately upon its installation in Monrovia. The NTGL shall have control over the entire territory of Liberia.

5. The LURD, MODEL, and all irregular forces of the GOL shall cease to exist as military forces, upon completion of disarmament.

6. There shall be no restriction on members of the LURD and MODEL to engage in national politics through the formation of political parties or otherwise, save and except those restrictions imposed on all parties and associations by the relevant laws of Liberia.


1. The primary responsibility of the NTGL shall be to ensure the scrupulous implementation of this Peace Agreement.

2. In addition to normal State functions, its mandate shall include the following:

a. Implementation of the provisions of the Ceasefire Agreement;

b. Overseeing and coordinating implementation of the political and rehabilitation programs enunciated in this Peace Agreement;

c. Promotion of reconciliation to ensure the restoration of peace and stability to the country and its people;

d. Contribution to the preparation and conduct of internationally supervised elections in October 2005, for the inauguration of an elected Government for Liberia in January 2006.


The NTGL shall consist of three branches, namely:

i. The National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA); ii. The Executive; and iii. The Judiciary.


1. There is hereby established a National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) in Liberia which shall reflect a broad spectrum of the Liberian society.

2. The NTLA shall be unicameral in nature and shall replace, within the transitional period, the entire Legislature of the Republic of Liberia.

3. The NTLA shall have a maximum of Seventy-six (76) members who shall come from the following entities:

a. Each of the fifteen (15) Counties.

b. The present Government of Liberia, the LURD, MODEL, the Political Parties, Civil Society and Interest Groups including the National Bar Association, the Liberian Business Organisations, Women Organizations, Trade Unions, Teachers Union, Refugees, the Liberians in the Diaspora/America and the Youth.

4. The formula for the composition of the NTLA shall be as follows:

GOL - 12 seats LURD - 12 seats MODEL - 12 seats Political Parties - 18 seats Civil Society and Special Interest Groups - 7 seats Counties - 15 seats

5 a. Selection of members of the NTLA shall be carried out in Liberia and shall be subject to internal consultations amongst the different entities identified in paragraphs 3 and 4 above.

b. The Mediation Committee from the Accra Peace Talks may be present during consultations for the selection of members of the Legislative Assembly and shall ensure that the members of the Assembly meet the criteria prescribed in Appendix 1 to Annex 2

6 a. The NTLA shall elect a Speaker to head the Assembly as well as one (1) Deputy Speaker.

b. Guidelines for the elections are defined under Annex 2 which is attached to this Agreement and is an integral part of the Peace Agreement.

c. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker within the NTGL shall not contest for any elective office during the 2005 elections.

7. The NTLA shall have responsibility for the following:

a. Assuming responsibility for the country's legislative functions;

b. Approving the policies and programs of the NTGL for implementation by the Cabinet;

c. Encouraging and supporting the emergence of a new democratic space, particularly in the areas of human rights and freedom of expression.

8. Two-thirds (2/3) of members of the NTLA shall form the quorum for meetings of the Assembly.

9. The decisions of the NTLA shall require the approval of at least 51% of the entire membership of the NTLA.

10. The NTLA shall adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of its proceedings.

ARTICLE XXV THE EXECUTIVE 1. The NTGL shall be headed by a person to be called the Transitional Chairman. The Transitional Chairman shall be assisted by a Transitional Vice-Chairman.

2. Selection of the Transitional Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be by consensus arising from a process of consultations undertaken by the accredited delegates and observers to the Peace Talks. The selection procedure is defined in Annex 2 to this Agreement.

3. The positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be allocated to the Political Parties and the Civil Society.

4. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman, as well as all principal Cabinet Ministers within the NTGL shall not contest for any elective office during the 2005 elections to be held in Liberia.


1. The NTGL shall maintain the profile and structure of the Executive Branch of the present Government of Liberia.

2. In addition to the Commissions established by this Agreement, all existing public corporations and autonomous Agencies/Commissions shall operate under the present transitional arrangement, excluding the existing Commissions that have already been referred to under Articles XII and XIII of this Agreement.

3. The ministers, deputy and assistant ministers, heads of autonomous agencies, commissions, public corporations and state-owned enterprises, who should preferably be technocrats, shall be representatives of a broad cross-section of the Liberian society.

4. Allocation of ministerial positions, deputy and assistant ministerial positions, headship of autonomous agencies, commissions, public corporations and state-owned enterprises shall be made to the Parties to this Agreement through a process of negotiation. The allocations as agreed to by the Parties are contained in Annex 4 attached to the Agreement. Annex 4 is an integral part of this Agreement.

5a. The Parties shall forward to the Transitional Chairman within a period of seven (7) days, the name of one nominee for each position allocated to them.

b. The Transitional Chairman shall within a three (3) day period, forward from the individual list of nominees from the Parties, the candidate for each position, to the NTLA. The NTLA shall, within seven (7) days, confirm or reject the candidate from each of the Parties' list for each position.

c. Where the NTLA is unable to confirm a candidate from any of the Parties' list so submitted, the Chairman shall, following the same procedure as in 'b' above and within three (3) days of receiving notification of non-confirmation from the NTLA, submit other name(s) which shall be obtained for the relevant Parties to the NTLA. The NTLA shall thereafter, within the same seven (7) day period, make a final selection thereon.

6. The mandate of the Cabinet shall include:

a. Implementation of the decisions of the NTGL. b. Conduct of the usual activities of government ministries. c. Initiation of policies and recommendation of same to the Transitional Chairman for approval.

7. The Parties call on the United Nations, the ECOWAS, the AU, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, African Development Bank and other international institutions in a position to do so, to assign trained personnel and international experts for the purpose of providing technical support and assistance to the NTGL, especially for the functioning of its ministries and parastatals.


1. The Judiciary shall be the third organ of the NTGL. Its structure shall remain unchanged.

2. Immediately upon the installation of the NTGL, all members of the Supreme Court of Liberia i.e. the Chief Judge and all its Associate Justices shall be deemed to have resigned.

3. Under the NTGL, all new judicial appointments shall be made by the Chairman of the NTGL and approved by the NTLA. Nominations for such judicial appointments shall be based on a shortlist of candidates for each position recommended by the National Bar Association, including the female lawyers.

4. The Chief Justice and all Associate Justices within the NTGL shall not contest for any elective office during the 2005 elections to be held in Liberia.


The Parties shall reflect national and gender balance in all elective and non-elective appointments within the NTGL.



1. In view of the recent appointment of the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Liberia, the Parties call for the urgent establishment of a consolidated United Nations Mission in Liberia that will have the resources to facilitate the implementation and coordination of the Political, Social, Economic and Security assistance to be extended under this Agreement.

2. The Parties also call on ECOWAS, in collaboration with the UN, AU, EU and ICGL, to set up a monitoring mechanism in the form of an Implementation Monitoring Committee (IMC) in Monrovia that will ensure effective and faithful implementation of the Peace Agreement by all the Parties.

3. The Parties agree on the need for regular joint meetings between this Implementation Monitoring Committee and representatives of the NTGL, in order to assess implementation of the provisions of this Agreement and agree on recommendations for enhanced implementation.

4. The Parties also agree on the need for ECOWAS, in collaboration with the UN, AU and International Community, to organise periodic donor conferences for resource mobilisation for post-conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction in Liberia.


1a. The NTGL, with the assistance of the International Community, shall design and implement a plan for the voluntary return and reintegration of Liberian refugees and internally displaced persons, including non-combatants, in accordance with international conventions, norms and practices.

b. Refugees or internally displaced persons, desirous of returning to their original Counties or permanent residences, shall be assisted to do so.

c. The Parties commit themselves to peaceful co-existence amongst returnees and non-returnees in all Counties.


1a. The NTGL shall accord particular attention to the issue of the rehabilitation of vulnerable groups or war victims (children, women, the elderly and the disabled) within Liberia, who have been severely affected by the conflict in Liberia.

b. With the support of the International Community, the NTGL shall design and implement a program for the rehabilitation of such war victims.

2a. The NTGL shall, in addition, accord special attention to the issue of child combatants.

b. It shall, accordingly, mobilize resources with the assistance of the International Community, especially in cooperation with the Office of the U.N. Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict, UNICEF, the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and other relevant agencies, to address their special demobilization and re-integration needs.

3. The NTGL, in formulating and implementing programs for national rehabilitation, reconstruction and development, for the moral, social and physical reconstruction of Liberia in the post-conflict period, shall ensure that the needs and potentials of the war victims are taken into account and that gender balance is maintained in apportioning responsibilities for program implementation.



1. The Parties to this Peace Agreement undertake that no effort shall be spared to effect the scrupulous respect for and implementation of the provisions contained in this Peace Agreement, to ensure the successful establishment and consolidation of lasting peace in Liberia.

2. The Parties shall ensure that the terms of the present Peace Agreement and written orders requiring compliance, are immediately communicated to all of their forces and supporters.

3. The terms of the Agreement shall concurrently be communicated to the civilian population by radio, television, print, electronic and other media. An Implementation Timetable for the Agreement is hereby attached as Annex 3


The Parties call on ECOWAS, the UN, the African Union and the International Contact Group on Liberia (ICGL), to use their good offices and best efforts to ensure that the spirit and content of this Peace Agreement are implemented in good faith and with integrity by the Parties.


The NTGL shall give consideration to a recommendation for general amnesty to all persons and parties engaged or involved in military activities during the Liberian civil conflict that is the subject of this Agreement.


1a. In order to give effect to paragraph 8(i) of the Ceasefire Agreement of 17th June 2003 signed by the GOL, the LURD and the MODEL, for the formation of a Transitional Government, the Parties agree on the need for an extra-Constitutional arrangement that will facilitate its formation and take into account the establishment and proper functioning of the entire transitional arrangement.

b. Accordingly, the provisions of the present Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, the Statutes and all other Liberian laws, which relate to the establishment, composition and powers of the Executive, the Legislative and Judicial branches of the Government, are hereby suspended.

c. For the avoidance of doubt, relevant provisions of the Constitution, statutes and other laws of Liberia which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement are also hereby suspended.

d. All other provisions of the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia shall remain in force.

e. All suspended provisions of the Constitution, Statutes and other laws of Liberia, affected as a result of this Agreement, shall be deemed to be restored with the inauguration of the elected Government by January 2006. All legal obligations of the transitional government shall be inherited by the elected government. PART ELEVEN


Any dispute within the NTGL, arising out of the application or interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement shall be settled through a process of mediation to be organised by ECOWAS in collaboration with the UN, the AU and the ICGL.


The present Peace Agreement shall enter into force immediately upon its signature by the Parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the duly authorized representatives of the Parties have signed this Agreement.

Done at Accra, this 18th day of the month of August, 2003, in three original texts in the English and French languages, each text being equally authentic.

..........................................................................= ....................... FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA (GOL)

............................................ ................................................... FOR LIBERIANS UNITED FOR FOR THE MOVEMENT FOR RECONCILIATION & DEMOCRACY DEMOCRACY IN LIBERIA (LURD) (MODEL)

................................................ .................................................. FOR NATIONAL PATRIOTIC FOR UNITY PARTY PARTY

................................................ .................................................. FOR LIBERIAN PEOPLE'S PARTY FOR NATIONAL REFORMATION PARTY

................................................ .................................................. FOR LABOR PARTY FOR LIBERIA UNIFICATION PARTY

................................................ ................................................. FOR LIBERIAN ACTION PARTY FOR PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY

................................................. .................................................. FOR NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC FOR FREE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PARTY

................................................. ................................................. FOR REFORMATION ALLIANCE FOR ALL-LIBERIAN COALITION PARTY PARTY

................................................... ................................................. FOR TRUE WHIG PARTY FOR UNITED PEOPLE'S PARTY

................................................... ................................................. FOR LIBERIA NATIONAL UNION FOR EQUAL RIGHTS PARTY

................................................... ................................................. FOR PROGRESSIVE PEOPLES FOR NEW DEAL MOVEMENT PARTY


................................................... ................................................. FOR INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FOR THE MANO RIVER WOMEN FOR LIBERIA (IRCL) PEACE NETWORK (MARWOPNET)

.................................................. ................................................. FOR LIBERIAN NATIONAL BAR FOR LIBERIANS IN DIASPORA ASSOCIATION

.................................................. ................................................. FOR LIBERIA LEADERSHIP FOR CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM MOVEMENT FOR LIBERIA

................................................... ................................................ THE MEDIATOR FOR ECOWAS

................................................... ................................................ FOR UNITED NATIONS FOR THE AFRICAN UNION

................................................... ...............................................

VOINJAMA August 5, 2003


Delegation to the Liberian Peace Talks
Accra, Ghana
August 4, 2003

PRESS STATEMENT: For Immediate Release

LURD is keenly aware of the mandate of the West African peacekeeping forces now arriving in Monrovia, Liberia. We are also aware of what is expected of our forces in and around Monrovia in making sure that the peacekeepers are
a) given unimpeded access to the civilian population in need of urgent humanitarian assistance,
and b) able to access points such as civilian-populated areas in LURD-held territories and the Freeport of Monrovia for bulk delivery of humanitarian supplies.

However, we have more than the usual worries based on Mr. Taylor's past. We have credible information that Mr. Taylor is marking T-shirts with "LURD" inscription to be worn by his people with instruction to attack peacekeepers with the obvious aim that such act will be blamed on LURD fighters.

We also have information that Mr. Taylor is still very much bent on fighting to get back the port area of Monrovia before the ECOWAS Vanguard Interposition Force, now landing in Monrovia, has fully established itself in and around the city.

Toward that end, Mr. Taylor has sent an expedition force south of the capital to attack LURD's left flanks in Arthington, about 12 miles northwest of Monrovia. All this is meant to acquire the port area before the peacekeepers have taken full stock of what positions LURD had at the time of the arrival of the Vanguard Interposition Force.

We urge ECOWAS and the international community to take due notice of these concerns that we are raising because we believe that timely prevention of any such moves by the Taylor government will save vulnerable civilian lives and enhance the atmosphere for even more peace-building concessions by LURD leadership.



In our genuine desire and patriotic efforts to restoring sanity and peace to Liberia, LURD has demonstrated on several occasions her simon-pure patriotism by declaring unilateral ceasefire, voluntarily withdrawing under no duress nor force from captured territories, etc. One of such indubitable demonstrations is LURD’s most recent declaration of unilateral ceasefire (Monday, 7/28/2003), which the Taylor government has already rejected.

As a matter of sincerity, we wish to reiterate very firmly that under no circumstances will and can we withdraw from the Freeport of Monrovia and all other captured territories in the City of Monrovia and its environs. We notice that every time our forces do a voluntary withdrawal or retreat from captured territories, Taylor forces would take advantage of same, move in the areas, inhumanely kill people and loot their properties, on the ground that those looted and killed were LURD sympathizers. We therefore decided not to allow such carnage in continuity. Hence, our justifiable position in disagreeing to again, for the third time, withdraw or retreat from the Freeport of Monrovia and all other captured areas in Monrovia and its environs.

The intrepidly gallant forces of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) will not withdraw from the Freeport of Monrovia until the indicted war criminal Charles Taylor leaves for the peacekeepers’ arrival and their subsequent deployment.

The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) now calls for the immediate deployment of both ECOMOG and American peacekeepers to allow humanitarian services to the starving and suffering people of Liberia.

We now declare the Freeport of Monrovia, Tubmanburg, Bomi County, Robersport, Cape Mount County, Gbarnga, Bong County, Zorzor, Salyea, Kalahun, Bolahun, Voinjama, Lofa County and Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County as "safe havens" for the humanitarian organizations to move therein to provide humanitarian services to the war-ravaged and poverty-stricken Liberians.

LURD demands Charles Taylor and his government’s immediate departure for the restoration of sanity, humanitarian services and in avoidance of further bloodshed. It is Charles Taylor’s continuous intransigently recalcitrant attitude that is causing untold sorrow and havoc on the Liberian nation and people.

Considering our genuine desire for the security, peace, freedom and happiness of the Liberian people, the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) calls on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to conclude the Accra Conference immediately for the formation of the proposed National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL).

We wish to make further clarification that the shelling of Monrovia is not been done by our forces but rather Charles Taylor’s rag-tag army. Charles Taylor’s continuous denial that he does not have heavy weapons is a ploy designed to use LURD as a scapegoat in his born criminalities. Fourteen years, not fourteen days, are long enough for Liberian people to know that Charles Taylor and his terrorist gangs are not people to do business with. They are criminals that cannot be trusted.

Despite the U.N. imposed arms embargo against the Taylor government, it has been and is violating the imposed sanctions by stealthily importing stockpile of arms and ammunitions in Liberia from the Far East through its silent West African sympathizers. How can any sound-minded person or institution do business with Taylor and company who blatantly defied the international community in violation of imposed sanctions?

The fighting in Monrovia continues because Taylor government wants back at all cost and by all means the Freeport and all other captured territories in Monrovia and its environs which LURD forces are fiercely resisting. It is Charles Taylor who keeps attacking our positions on the Bushrod Island, Monrovia while been relocated presently to Firestone from the seat of government in Monrovia along with his ministers as displaced people.

Charles Taylor and his government in its entirety must go!!!




We read with astounding astonishment the proposal (Wed. July 16, 2003) from the United States Representative at the ongoing peace talks in Ghana that the Chairmen of both LURD and MODEL are prohibited from becoming president and cabinet members in the transitional arrangement. The proposal further went on to state that they are eligible to contest future elections in accordance with the constitution of Liberia.

However, while LURD under the able leadership of its National Chairman, Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. interposes no objection to what the international community headed by the great United States says relative to the peace which ushers in the yearning and lasting peace in Liberia, we should be given the opportunity as the big stakeholder in the conflict to select a "compromising candidate" to the convenience of the Liberian nation and people to head the interim government. This counter-proposal to that of the U.S Representative at the ongoing peace talks in Ghana is being advanced as a matter of "give and take" which is normal in any negotiation. Our concern the incipiency of our launched revolution against Taylor's atrocious rule is the peace and freedom of our nation and people. With our determined desire, we wish not to stand as an obstacle in the way of peace, considering the plight of our people. Because our genuine concern, we have proven to the Liberian people and the global world our sincerity by declaring a unilateral ceasefire, voluntarily retreating from the Freeport of Monrovia, Vai and Clara town, Duala and all other captured territories on Bushrod Island, Monrovia and its environs before and went back to one of our bases in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. For no apparent reason(s), we received several unprovoked attacks from Taylor forces, which compelled us to currently move against his rag-tag militia in retaliatory self-defence. Hence our current "CP" (Command Post) back at the Freeport of Monrovia, Bushrod Island, Monrovia proving to Charles Taylor and company that "enough". It is Charles Taylor who invited us back to the city of Monrovia where he vowed to fight, in his own words, "Street to Street, and house to house to house". It is his vowed "street to Street and house to house fight" that is causing havoc on the population in the city.

The reason(s) which prompted the U.S. Representative's proposal for the prohibition against the warring factions' Chairman, barring them from the interim leadership including positions is/are best known to him but we wish to make it crystal clear to the Liberian people and the International Community that LURD under the indefatigable leadership of its National chairman, Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. has the needed leadership ability to provide the hankered National security, peace, freedom, economic stability and all necessities of life (food, light and safe drinking water) to our nation and people. While accepting whatever will restore tranquil serenity to our nation and people, we are concerned as to why both LURD MODEL chairmen cannot participate in the interim government, even on ministerial level. In an African axiom, it is "monkey works, bamboo (chimpanzee) draws" which has the propensity to derail the peace process.

We again wish to seize this opportunity to further clarify that the mortal shells landed near or on the U.S. Embassy compound recently in Monrovia were not sent by our forces but rather Charles Taylor forces. Make no mistake to think that the U.S. prison escapee, rebel leader turned president and indicted war criminal, Charles McArthur Ghankay Dakpannah Taylor has changed from his machinated chicanery as a "born crook" that he is not capable of launching the U.S Embassy to use our forces as a scapegoat. His track records are criminally pregnant with such gimmicks. Examples? Don't forget the U.N compound's incidence of 1990 where Taylor took all those who took refuge there overnight to Gbanga at gun-point and blatantly lied to the world that everybody taking refuge there was brutally murdered by Doe government. No body (ies) was/were found there at the U.N compound, much less blood stain on the ground or flower leaves. Don't forget the "Carter Camp Massacre" which Charles Taylor and cronies craftily blamed on the Armed forces of Liberia (AFL), etc. Why should then any rationally thinking person or institution think that the recently launched mortal shells on or near U.S. embassy were not sent by Taylor but our forces? Look at Taylor's criminal records and be the best judges.

We cannot and will not under any given circumstances do something heinous against the Liberian and people who are basic reason for our liberation struggle to get Taylor and his demonic forces out of Liberia for Security Peace and Freedom. If Taylor really has his nation (Liberia) and people (Liberian) at heart, he would have to bowed to our demand and that of the International Community to vacate the Liberian political scene in avoidance of the current chaotic events.

We still firmly stand by our demand that Charles Taylor leaves before the deployment of both the ECOMOG and American peace-keepers in Liberia.

The Secretariat/LURD
National Headquarters
Voinjama city, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia
25 July 2003 / 04:58:32 - 0700 (PDT)

VOINJAMA JULY 25, 2003: 9.00 p.m.


Considering LURD's commitment to the on-going peace confab in Accra, Ghana geared towards restoring durable peace to Liberia- The National Chairman/CIC/LURD H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh,Jr. herein issues this mandate to all frontline commanders of LURD:

  1. That with immediate effect all frontline commanders are instructed to cease-fire and to remain in there present forward positions. Frontline commanders are however ordered to mount a potent defensive posture in defending its present forward positions.
  2. That this unilateral cease-fire is declared with due respect to the International community and Humanitarian concern.
  3. That LURD is prepared to receive peace keepers and will fully cooperate with them.
  4. That Taylor’s militia must cease mounting unprovoked attacks and remain in their positions.

The Secretariat/LURD
National Headquarters
Voinjama city, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia

The White House (Washington, DC)

July 25, 2003
Posted to the web July 25, 2003


In recent days, the United States has been working intensively with ECOWAS and the United Nations to address the situation in Liberia.

Today, the President has directed the Secretary of Defense to position appropriate military capabilities off the coast of Liberia in order to support the deployment of an ECOWAS force once it is generated. The immediate task of the ECOWAS force is to reinforce a cease-fire and begin to create conditions where humanitarian assistance can be provided to the Liberian people. As the United States has said before, Charles Taylor must leave.

The U.S. role will be limited in time and scope as multinational forces under the United Nations assume the responsibility for peacekeeping and as the United Nations arranges a political transition in Liberia.







  1. LURD organization recognizing the importance of upholding, promoting Protecting the Human Rights of every Liberian as well as enforcement of humanitarian Law, LURD is committed to put in place the following mechanism for the achieving of these laudable objectives,
  2. All political prisoners of war as well as all non-combatants shall be release Immediately and unconditionally by the so-called Taylor led government, in accordance with the Abuja agreement which was the substantive basic in ending the crisis in Liberia,
  3. Refugees and Displaced persons.

    1. A national commission for resettlement, rehabilitation and reconstruction shall be established to seek funding from and the involvement of the UN and other agencies, including friendly countries, in order to design and implement a plan for voluntary repatriation and reintegration of Liberian refugees and internal displaced persons, including non-combatants, in conformity with the international convention, norms and practices.
  4. Guarantee of the security of displaced Persons and Refugees.
    1. As a reaffirmation of our commitment to the observation of the International convention and principles of Human Rights and status of Refugees, LURD remain staid to take effective and appropriate measure to ensure that the right of Liberians to asylum is fully respected and that no camp or dwelling of refugees or displaced persons are violated;
  5. Guarantee and Promotion of Human Right.
    1. The basic civil and political liberties recognised by Liberia legal system and contained in the declaration and principal of human rights adopted by the UN and OUA (AU), especially the universal declaration of human rights and the African charter on human and people’s right, shall be fully protected and promoted with in Liberia by LURD;
    2. These including the right to life and liberty, freedom from torture, The right to a trial, freedom of conscience expression and association, and the right to take part in governance of one’s country;

  6. Human Rights commission.
    1. Human rights commission shall be established to strengthen the Existing machinery addressing the grievances of the people in respect of their basic human right;
    2. LURD commitment and pledge to promote human right education Throughout the various sectors of Liberia society, including school, media, the police, the military and the religious community,
    3. In pursuance of the above technical and material assistances may be sought from the UN-High commissioner of human rights, the African commission on human and people’s right and other relevant international agencies.
    4. Local human and civil society groups in Liberia shall be Encouraged to help monitor human rights observance.

  7. Humanitarian Relief
    1. LURD shall request appropriate international humanitarian Assistance for the Liberians who are in dire need all over the country
    2. LURD pledge and commitment for the Liberian agree to guarantee safe and unhindered access by all humanitarian organization throughout the country in order to facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistances, in accordance with international convention, principle and norms which govern humanitarian operation, in this regard LURD agree to guarantee the security of the presence and movement of the humanitarian personnel;
    3. LURD also will guarantee the security of all properties and goods transported, stocked or distributed by humanitarian organizations as well as the security of their projects and beneficiaries; appropriate and effective administrative or security bodies which will monitor and facilitate the implementation of these guarantees of safety for the personnel, goods and areas of operations of humanitarian organization.


    1. In furtherance of our commitment and pledge to alleviate the Deplorable plight of the people, the Liberian and the Sierra Leoneans that sought refuge in Liberia that the corridors from Monrovia to Tubmanburg, Robersport and Bo- Water side are opened for free passage with maximum protection; along the Gbanga axis to Zorzor and Voinjama said corridors are also opened for free passage of civilian with out molestation, intimidation and harassment, Ganta along the Saniquille axis also remain unhindered for civilian free passage and to their respective places.


    1. LURD shall encourage and provide free and compulsory education to include basic education and shall endeavour to provide affordable primary health care throughout the country; LURD shall also endeavour to revamp devastated plants for safe drinking water throughout the country.



Deceptive Taylor has done it again- considering Taylor's negative psychological disposition and his track record -The Leadership of LURD in this expedient manner deem it necessary to clarify its position on the shelling of the U.S. Embassy/Monrovia being relegated to LURD.

    Taylor in the past has committed Extra-judicial killings- such as:

  • cold blood murder of the catholic nuns;
  • the soul clinic massacre;
  • the killing of Senegalese soldiers/ECOMOG deployed in Vahum;
  • the killing of Madison Wion (Ulimo J) by attacking the U.S Embassy, Sept. 18, 1998;
  • the killing of John Nymie- accused of allegedly involved in a coup to unseat Taylor 2003.

Taylor has done it again by setting in motion his deceptive conspiracy theories- by mounting his artillery pieces around the Monrovia city hall and shelling indiscriminately- the American Embassy and then relegating it to LURD, which we consider preposterous.

NOTE: LURD's intelligence networking has revealed that the supposedly dead civilians taking to the American Embassy were Taylor's dead militia men- and this ploy was meant to put America under the impression that LURD were killing civilians- thus, discrediting LURD and putting pressure on USA for his rescue- Taylor will do anything to prop- up his dying regime- Taylor's era is doomed and shall soon go back to face of life uncertainty.

We suggest that Taylor carries his dead bodies to his white flower residence instead of embarrassing the Great America.

Effective immediately all senior/junior officers of Taylor are all Liberians, LURD at this juncture grants them immediate and irrevocable AMNESTY depending if they surrender their weapons.

PS: LURD therefore urges all residents of Monrovia to demonstrate against Taylor for his rapid removal for lasting peace to prevail- Leave the Americans alone!

LURD website:

The Secretariat/LURD
Voinjama city, Lofa county
National Headquarters
Republic of Liberia

--------------einde onzichtbaar--------------------------------------------------------->

Voinjama, July 21st 2003: Program up-date by Sekou Damate Conneh.

    We want to keep you abreast with the latest information up-date of LURD's programs herein mentioned below:

  1. LURD shall take over militarily for stabilization before an interim government has been appointed.
  2. Any interim government shall be appointed and not elected for a time frame to be indicated later.
  3. During the interim, LURD shall undertake/engage in the following programs:
    • a comprehensive restructure of the military and Para-military services(liaise with the USA/International Community)
    • Re-vamp the election commission (to adequately prepare a level plain field for a free and fair elections)
    • LURD shall liaise with the international community to re-invigorate the humanitarian assistance program in the country.

  4. All military /Para-military personnel of the present government shall be reintegrated into the newly structured security apparatus.

NOTE: LURD controls 80%(percent) of liberia.

H.E.Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr.
National Chairman/CIC/LURD

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