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  • We must provide every Liberian access to work, quality education and affordable health care.
  • We must support legislation that directs resources to our schools, so the next generation of Liberians will be ready for the challenges that face them.
  • We must balance the federal budget.
  • We must cooperate with the community of nations in pursuing our foreign policy objectives.
  • We must reconciliate and guarantee every Liberian equal rights under the law.
  • We must take our responsibility to control logging in National Forests.
  • We must protect our clean air and water -protecting our environment to preserve a natural heritage for our children's children to enjoy. Water is the most precious of all resources.
  • We must reform mining laws that allow companies to get minerals from public lands with few limitations and at dirt-cheap prices.
  • We must author proposals to increase the availability and development of affordable vaccines for AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria-diseases, which are devastating Liberia.

Soon this page will explain how Sekou Damate Conneh wants to tackle problems, and how to place Liberia on the map again. His "Roadmap to Peace & Prosperity" will contain guidelines for the rebirth of our nation.

- How to bring back peace to Liberia.
- How to make our country safer & better.
- How to live in peace with our neighbours.
- How to achieve reconciliation.
- How to treat former combatants and veterans
- How to protect civil rights.
- How to make government transparent and reliable.
- How to structure a Department of Peace
- How to rebuild the country's infrastructure.
- How to rebuild our economy.
- How to create paid labour.
- How to get the people money in the pocket.
- How to bring back Liberian business people from the diaspora.
- How to attract foreign investment.
- How to get support from the International Community

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