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Charles Taylor can no longer stay president of Liberia, says George Bush, says Kofi Annan, says the African Union, says the global community, say the people of Liberia, and says Sekou Damate Conneh.

"Liberia gave me, like so many others, the opportunity to excel, and instilled in me the duty to serve. In this campaign, I will listen to those across the nation who are working to renew Liberia’s hope. I will voice the Dream of freedom and opportunity for all - and the prospect of peace, prosperity and progress that must be ours once again."

Signed: Sekou Damate Conneh


Liberia, once proud of its strong economy and democracy, now has neither. The time has come for a BIG change. A time for peace, freedom, democracy, stability, mutual respect, prosperity, and reconciliation. Time to reject repression and the detour towards fear and greed. Time to look out upon the world for friends, not enemies. Time for those who have much to help those who have little. Time to show the world that we wish to be their partner in peace. Most of all, it is time for Liberia to become a land where dreams come true because the government is on the side of its people. There must come an end to the struggle and suffering of a whole nation. It must not happen tomorrow. It should have happened yesterday.

S O - L E T 'S - S T A R T - T O D A Y !

It's time we had a President who will provide the only real economic security: peace and paid jobs. So people get money in the pockets and will spend it. A strong economy is the first test of our national security, crime policy, education, and civil rights agenda.

We need leadership with the strength to take on the tough fights and the courage to make the tough choices. We need to challenge ourselves; we need to match what is best in our history and reach for what is best in our future. Sekou Damate Conneh did not flee from his responsibilities into the luxury comfort of a remote country when Liberia was in crisis. He stayed among the real heroes of our beloved nation -brave men and women liberating the suffering people of Liberia. Together with other visionary politicians and honest businessmen, Sekou Damate Conneh invested time, money and efforts to make Liberia a better place for all. He is one of the few who can make the difference.


In Liberia, we do not have to choose between making our country safer and better. We have to do both. We need to set a higher standard for national leadership. The Liberian people want their leaders to honour their values, respect for human rights, make their country safe and strong, and give them a chance to make the most of their future. Not only the government but also the people of Liberia bear the ultimate responsibility for achieving peace and national reconciliation.

The people of Liberia and the international community will look at our new government to prove that it is committed to governing the country in an impartial and transparent fashion, and the hard work necessary to rebuild the country will have to begin in earnest. Individual liberties, checks and balances, the separation of powers. All these will be the distinctive bequest of Liberian democracy.

Today, all of these are in danger. Since many years Liberia’s hope is in peril. When Liberians lose faith in the meaning and the value of their vote, it is a fading of hope. When our former leaders installed fear in the Liberian people, they extinguished hope. A climate of fear cannot make a safe Liberia. Individual liberties are the source of strength. Our freedom must be the root of private enterprise and citizen initiative - the source of prosperity.


Under Sekou’s leadership Liberia will make great progress in civil rights, but much other work remains to be done too. Sekou is committed to protect voting rights and expand the federal jurisdiction for intolerable hate crimes. Liberia has to make significant progress in protecting the civil rights of individuals, and we must end discrimination and ensure fair and equal treatment of everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.


In these tough times, Sekou Damate Conneh is the strongest, if not the best in the rally to take on and beat any other candidate. With the support from the international community, Sekou has literally fought to change the political arena with the objective to create a free, strong, peaceful, prosperous and secure nation.

The same international community that supported Sekou in his mission to chase Taylor out of Liberia supports him again to run for president of Liberia. Working close with neighbouring countries, with the African Union, and the United Nations, will enhance our security and economic resurrection. When the people of Liberia elect Sekou to their new president, soon our economy will grow again and jobs are created, bringing equal opportunity, peace and justice to all our people.


There are many things Liberia once had. Running water, electricity, sewer system, telephone lines, and garbage collection. With these up and running again, we will be able to solve many problems. Years of civil strife and repression have destroyed much of our economic infrastructure, reduced fair/transparant civil administration nearly to zero, and brought economic activity virtually to a halt. The deterioration of economic conditions has been greatly exacerbated by the flight of most business people with their expertise and capital.

The reconstruction of Liberia requires the active participation of the private sector, but this is only possible through the restoration of investor’s confidence and the provision of relevant infrastructure and secure environments. Establishing an economic climate in which business can flourish is the key to return fiscal ability, fiscal responsibility, and fiscal discipline. The private sector is the engine that can drive economic growth. Everyone who works hard to accomplish these targets deserves the opportunity to share in prosperity.

"People want work, not welfare. And while there ought to be welfare for those unable to work, there ought to be work for those who are able to work and who want to work. And there is enough work to do."

Strong foreign signals clearly indicate that other candidate-programs will further delay the returning of Liberian business people from the Diaspora, and will lead to further delay of international recognition and acceptance of Liberia in the global community. Delay will prolong the current bankrupt economy, prolong the civil unrest, and attract zero funding from international lending institutions, and on top it will increase crime and violence.


Sekou Damate Conneh intends to begin a debate in Liberia over the purpose of government and its responsibilities to the Liberian people. A debate always involves an exchange of ideas. He welcomes and respects your opinions. Sekou would like to hear from you to identify and solve problems before they erupt.


Those are some of the reasons to support Sekou Damate Conneh. One vote to Sekou is a double investment in a better future of our beloved Liberia.



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