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South Africa has staggeringly beautiful rural areas such as the Cape Winelands, the towering dunes of the Wild Coast, the magnificent game parks of Kruger and Zululand, and the Kalahari and Karoo Deserts, barren for much of the year but a carpet of flowers in spring, the possibilities for tourists are endless. South Africa has some of the best, least crowded surfing in the world; Jeffreys Bay. Cape Town or Kaapstad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s dominated by a 1000m-high, flat-topped mountain with virtually sheer cliffs, and surrounded by mountain walks, vineyards and beaches. Also visit other sophisticated cities such as Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, or charming historic towns like Stellenbosch or Pietermaritzburg. Even once infamous townships such as Soweto are now growing into vibrant cities in their own right. The winelands region around Stellenbosch, sometimes known as the Boland, is the oldest (18th century) and most beautiful wine-growing region in South Africa. Karoo is for some a boring bit between Johannesburg and Cape Town but for others one of the most exhilarating regions of South Africa, with unlimited space and strange mountain ranges. In Kimberly (the diamond region) is the largest hand-made hole in the world. Sun City in the North-West Province is an extraordinary creation, based on gambling and mildly risqué shows, plus excellent golf courses, swimming pools, sport facilities, restaurants.

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