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Kofi Anan
Kofi A. Anan
"Sincere Congratulations to
Mr. Kofi Annan"

being elected for a second term as Secretary-General of the
United Nations.

Amara Essay
Amara Essay
Also warm congratulations to
the first Secretary-General of the AFRICAN UNION
(former: OAU)
Mr. Amara Essay

(former Ivory Coast foreign minister)


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If you consider to develop business activities in a market with friendly people with a rich history of ancient cultures, or visit tropical beaches, go for angling, surfing and swimming, or even play some golf;


USAfrica L.L.C.

USAfrica L.L.C. is a business consultancy firm with high skilled professionals in the field of trade, mining, fishing, and project research and development. Our staff includes a variety of specialists from the U.S., Europe and from West Africa. Our head office is located in Orlando, Florida/USA, and field offices are located in Conakry/Guinea, Tel-Aviv/Israel, and in Hilversum/The Netherlands.

This FREE accessable Website provides general information about Africa for business, travel, tourism and education - country by country.


for Sustainable Development

October 8 to 10, 2001

This South Summit will seek to develop innovative approaches to facilitating NGO participation in the implementation of the unfinished business of Agenda 21. The Summit will involve approximately 400 representatives of NGOs and major Groups from the developing countries of the world as well as representatives of NGOs from the developed countries of the north.

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In the last years, USAfrica filmed many hours of professional dvcam video in Guinea, Sierra Leone and in Liberia, 15 hour footage for documentaries and special reports. Abstracts from this footage is used as content at various websites. Also a synopsis and a script are available for a "Africa good news documentary".
Interested broadcast stations can contact us by e-mail.


Earth Summit

"September 03 - 30: Join the Earth Summit 2002 online debate at

Further Information Earth logo


September 28th and 29th

City hall in Paris

African Diaspora
economic integration

"Invest on IT in Africa"

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KAAPSTAD/South Africa: 09 September 2001:
Dr Christiaan Barnard died
The world's most famous cardiac surgeon Dr Christiaan Barnard, age 78, died of a heart attack in Paphos/Cyprus on September 2nd 2001. Dr Barnard is renowned as the first surgeon to perform a human heart transplant in 1967, a giant step for medicine performed in the Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, 22 September 2001: Olusegun Obasanjo in RitzCarlton Hotel
Nigeria’s president Olusegun Obasanjo and leaders of Nigerian professional and business organizations in the US and Canada will tackle the issue of brain drain and several other issues during a special convention organized by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO-Americas), on September 22, 2001, in the new RitzCarlton Hotel, located at 1150 – 22nd Street NW, in Washington, DC (telephone 202-835-0500).

MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 August 2001: New Road & Railroad
Mozambique and neighbouring Zimbabwe agreed to launch the Beira Development Corridor, a road and railway network linking landlocked Zimbabwe to the Indian Ocean. A memorandum of understanding signed by the two countries says the Beira Development Corridor will be launched mid-October of 2001. The Maputo Development Corridor comprises a modern road linking Maputo and the South African city of Witbank, and a railway line between the two states.

Old Lime/Connecticut, U.S.A., 25 August 2001: MOSQUITO KILLER
15 Year old USA high school junior Michael Nyberg invented the "larvasonic" he calles an "accoustic larvicide system" - "a West Nile Virus killer". His invention could battle West Niles virus by killing larvae using sound frequencies. The device works by converting power from a rechargeable battery into sound energy, which is transmitted through an antenna into water. The emitted frequency causes the mosquito larva's air bladder to rupture surrounding tissue. The devices, which would cost from about $4'000 for a small handheld version to $50'000 for the sewage-treatment variety, would sell for a fraction of the cost of chemical treatments. Michael and his father Herbert Nyberg started a company called New Mountain Innovations to market the "Larvasonic".

De Beers Investments (DBI), the private company which recently took over South African diamond giant De Beers, said Thursday that first half net income fell 32 percent, as the global slowdown pinched demand for rough diamonds. Demand will moreover struggle to pick up in the second half, De Beers managing director Gary Ralfe admitted, predicting that the company would fall well short of its target of 2001 diamond sales worth 4.8 billion dollars (5.25 billion euros).

The United States said Wednesday it was "deeply concerned" by the arrests in Zambia of several journalists and opposition figures and called on President Frederick Chiluba's government to reverse itself.

HARARE, Zimbabwe 22 August 2001: FOOT & MOUTH IN ZIMBABWE
Foot-and-mouth disease has broken out among Zimbabwe's livestock after diseased animals were released by ruling party militants from quarantine areas on white-owned farmland, cattle industry officials said. The Zimbabwean government said it has halted all beef exports to Europe as a precaution. The disease will cost Zimbabwe's struggling economy at least $40 million in exports, government officials said, deepening the country's economic crisis.

The Government of Tanzania will hold an international forum next month aimed at wooing more investors from Commonwealth countries. President Benjamin Mkapa is due to open the three-day investors' conference, which is expected to attract senior officials from both the public and private sectors of Commonwealth countries, on September 10 2001.

Algiers 18 August 2001: OIL REMAINS AT $25 PER BARREL
Algerian Energy Minister Chakib Khelil, recently said the price of a barrel of oil will remain stable at around 25 dollars during September 2001. Algeria currently holds the rotating OPEC presidency. "We foresee stability in the price around the 25 dollars per barrel mark, and probably a slight increase due to a rise in US demand for the winter," Khelil told at a press conference. From 1 September 2001, oil production by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) -- excluding Iraq -- is to be cut by a million barrels per day.

Europe, August 3, 2001: PERPETUUM MOBILE
A European inventor claims to have developed a kind of "Perpetuum Mobile", being an electronic device connected to an electric engine. The electric engine runs on 18 amp. at 24 volt and the connected device produces 220 Volt in 4 groups of 20 amp. Further information: E-mail.

Senegal, November 2001: FINANCIAL SUMMIT
A summit of African leaders to discuss the financing of the African Initiative, a major development plan for the continent, will be held in Senegal in November 2001.

Last update: 1 September 2001

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