Madina in Conakry Guinea



The word "Madina" is borrowed from "Medine", the holy city of Saoudi Arabia. Also called the world of trading, Madina offers all what you want from every part of the world, but you definitely need a local guide to find your way in the several kilometers of little shops. You can meet there big business men and small traders you are working side by side, seeking to develop their commercial activities. Everything is made to satisfy the needs of the customers. Madina has got a variety of shopping centers, big ones, small ones, simple tables and even some salesmen put their goods on the floor. You can meet people from all around the world like Europeans, Indians, Chinese or Senegalese. Food, clothes, housing equipment, cars, buses, cement, wood are to be sold all along the five kilometers of the market, from Coléah to Matam. There is also a special place called "Kass" where spare or old artefacts can be sold. The place that one has to know in Madina is the "Marché Mondial" where many goods are sold in a very cheap price!

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