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"A Roadmap to Peace & Prosperity"

Liberians have been harassed, tortured, raped, mutilated and killed. Men, women and children. And even if it was only one, it would have been one too much. Charles Taylor was not the right president - not for Liberians, not for any one. He brutally terrorised the Liberian people, destroyed the country, and isolated Liberia from the international community.

Sekou Damate Conneh's campaign against Charles Taylor was not only in the national interest but also of major international importance. It was the only way to liberate the country, and attract the attention of the global community to Liberia.

Although most eyes were focussed on Iraq - CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post and other media extensively covered recent developments in Liberia. The African Union, the United Nations, President Bush and Secretary General Kofi Annan finally understood that they had to act immediately. And they did.

Sekou stands solidly in support the Global War on Terror, to begin with in Liberia. A veteran who understands what it means to support troops on the front lines, he has drawn on his own experiences to help formulate a strategy for victory. Sekou believes that our country must be more prepared than we have ever been to protect our citizens.

Sekou sees a newly rebuilt Liberia on the horizon where the government provides a means to have public works to rebuild our cities, our water systems, our schools, our parks, and our public energy systems. Millions are needed to repair and provide drinking water systems and electricity. We need a new financial mechanism to get money to cities and villages to begin rebuilding and to put Liberians back to work. Former soldiers could be deployed to restructure our collapsed infrastructure.

In the last two years, Sekou spent privately in access of 500,000 dollars to support the LURD Freedom Movement and he is sending on a regular basis drugs and food supplies both for the population and the troops.

Residents in movement-held areas like Voinjama, where Conneh is based, and in the town of Voinjama say with one voice that the LURD boss visits them regularly and is incredibly generous.

In the coming months, Sekou Damate Conneh will campaign hard but fair to become the next president of Liberia. His "Roadmap to Peace & Prosperity" shall lead Liberia to better times. Major issues are re-instalment of peace and democracy. Freedom of speech, religion, and human rights. Mutual respect and understanding: national, regional and international. It is time to smelt the weapons and build a new nation. A nation where people have jobs and education. With healthcare, values, generosity and a prosperous future.

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