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By the mid-1990s, it became clear that the relentless spread of HIV, and the epidemic's devastating impact on all aspects of human lives and on social and economic development, were creating an emergency that would require a greatly expanded United Nations effort. Addressing these challenges head-on, the United Nations took an innovative approach in 1996, drawing six organizations together in a joint and cosponsored programme - the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The goal of UNAIDS is to catalyse, strengthen and orchestrate the unique expertise, resources, and networks of influence that each of these organizations offers.

logo Africa
This unique website with a huge collection of links to country pages and interesting sites is produced and maintained by John Kersten from The Netherlands. He says: "In Africa lots of countries have French as main language. I have tried to find information in English as much as I could. From some countries not much information is available, due to the political situation but from every country is something there. And besides the information, there are pics from everywhere. Hope you enjoy your trip." That is what we do!.
Africa focus

logo Africa Focus
Africa Focus brings a unique online collection, maintained on the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. It contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These digital files are stored in an accessible database and provided for personal use or educational presentations. The project was developed through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
The Africa Guide

logo Africa Guide
Choose a Country for detailed information - News links for Africa, plus live news feed. / Africa Map - click and go to African countries. / African Flags - all the different African flags. / Facts and Figures - largest, highest, longest... / Photo Library - stunning African images. / Overlanding information for adventurers. / Medical and health issues and advice / Charities working on the African continent. / Search the whole Guide section
Africa Museum

logo Africa Museum
In order to arouse public interest in the Congo Free State King Leopold II had a major exhibition organised in 1897 on the country and its importance for Belgium. To this end a new building – lais Colonial – was erected in Tervuren. To reach this palace from the Palais du Cinquantenaire in Brussels a large double avenue – the Avenue de Tervuren – was constructed through the Forêt de Soignes. The range of academic disciplines in the Museum – called Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale since 1960 – includes Historical Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Zoology and Geology, all of them oriented towards the study of Africa as a whole. There is also an Educational and Museological Service. The Museum is one of the major centres for the scientific study of Africa in the world.
Africa Server

logo Africa Server
The Africaserver is a publication in the Dutch and English languages of Africaserver Foundation in The Netherlands. It aims to bring together information from and about Africa. The Africaserver is a gateway to Africa with ample attention to the power of culture, for the attractiveness of the continent. Africa is much more and different from the stereotype image of disaster, war and famine as projected in Europe.
Africa Sounds

logo Africa Sounds
Africa Sounds is a company specialised in the production and promotion of contemporary African music. This exciting project is about to propulse African contemporary music and African musicians beyond their natural frontiers, and bring them to a wider European and UK audience. Get ready for the Africa Sounds 2002 Festival, at Alexandra Palace, on 13 July 2002, with a star studded lineup, including Miriam Makeba (who will be celebrating her 70th birthday at the Festival in London), Papa Wemba, and Salif Keita. Check the EVENTS page for details.
Africamix Festival

AfricaMix banner
AfricaMix banner

Africamix is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization of volunteers seeking to use touring multicultural arts and music festival to promote global awareness and prevention on child abuse and neglect. The objectives and purposes of Africamix festival shall be to raise global consciousness and funding for the prevention of child abuse and neglect in black communities as a way of encouraging and supporting the nonprofit and non-governmental organizations providing residential services and therapeutic foster care for abandoned, abused, and neglected children.

Africa Peace Cup

logo Peacecup
AFRICA PEACE CUP FOUNDATION aims to achieve its goals in realizing an annual publicity and fund generating football event in Africa. This event will feature a team of African star players against a team of star players from other continents. In its first year the Africa Peace Cup schedules a match between Africa and Europe.
African Art Museum

Welcome to a unique collection of African tribal art featuring over 1,000 artifacts from 100 African ethnic groups. Items on display include wooden and bronze statues, masks, religious, ritual and domestic objects, furniture and weapons. Learn about art, culture and history of each ethnic group. The art of African people is extraordinarily vigorous and brilliant in its sense of form and intense emotional life. Its impact upon the development of the modern art started from Picasso, Derain, Braque, and Modigliani and continues to this day. In contrast to Western art, African art is almost never meant to beautify and decorate. It is intended for tribal worship, rituals, magic and communication with the supernatural.
African Colours

logo African Colours
'African Colours' is an honourable, spirited, inspirational, playful, colourful, and funky virtual showcase and promotion of African artists:
For the artists.
For artlovers, collectors, galleries, and museums.
For others.
African Conservation Foundation

logo ACF
The African Conservation Foundation (ACF) is a UK-Registered Not For Profit foundation, primarily concerned with education in Africa in the areas of environment and conservation. It's aims are to promote education and knowledge about conservation in Africa.
African Horizons

logo AJR
African Horizons offers over 60 safaris and tours to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South African and Seychelles designed for leasure, adventure and business travel. African Horizons' core philosophy is to provide the best of what Africa has to offer.
African Metropolis

logo AJR
A cultural overview of African Diaspora; Africa, Melanesia, Caribbean, North, South & Central America. Visit places, see art, music, literature, culture, get the latest African & African American News, business, Search Engines & Web Site Diagnostics.
African Music Festival

logo AJR
The African Music Festival is the worlds largest annual, international African music event. The festival originated in Delft, Holland, in 1983 and was created by founder Oko Drammeh, a citizen of the West African nation of the Gambia, currently residing in Holland. As chairman of the African Arts Foundation, he has dedicated his life to the presentation, documentation and preservation of the African music and culture.
African newspapers

logo AJR
AJR NewsLink is a joint venture between American Journalism Review magazine and NewsLink Associates, an online research and consulting firm. It includes features from AJR magazine, the worldwide online publication lists of NewsLink and original content created especially for online readers. List includes several online-only publications.
African Religion

Impressive site with links to explanations of Traditional African religion, and Practice of African Traditional Religion on the continent and in the diaspora. This valuable website is maintained by CHIDI DENIS ISIZOH.
African Reparations

This web site is dedicated to the millions of Africans who contributed the centuries of unpaid labour upon which the Western World advanced, which countries repaid the slaves and their descendants with hatred, discrimination, and contempt. Many great movements throughout the course of Human History have experienced three stages – RIDICULE – DOUBT – ACCEPTANCE.
African Studies Association The African Studies Association was founded in 1957 as a non-profit organization open to all individuals and institutions interested in African affairs. Its mission is to bring together people with a scholarly and professional interest in Africa. The ASA also provides useful services to the Africanist community. Currently, four periodicals are produced annually. With 3,000 individual and institutional members, the Association is the leading North American organization that promotes African studies. The Association is located at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
African Technology Forum

logo ATF
The Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (GJPAS) is published at the University of Calabar, Nigeria, and contains many excellent scientific articles dealing with topics of great importance to African scientists, researchers, and engineers. It covers the biological, agricultural, environmental, and computer sciences, as well as mathematics, physics, engineering, and medicine. The African Technology Forum spreads the word about these developments to all interested in Africa's present and future. All African scientific, technical, and industrial organizations are welcome to join the original African Technology Forum in these and other efforts!
African Transcontinental Expedition

logo ATF
The route of the expedition will start in in October 2002 from Morocco along the Western cost to Congo and through the central part to the Eastern cost and along it to the South to SAR. A length of 30000 km and visiting 25 countries.
African Unification Front

African Union
The AUF is a historic and global organization that is working to consolidate Africa into a unified political, social, and economic entity, by, among other things, promoting high standards within the governance structures of the African Union, and engaging the broad masses of Africans in the process of integration. The AUF was formed in October 1996. The Front has hundreds of thousands of suppporters in the African Union and around the world who work to stimulate, establish and advance the cause of African sovereignty, freedom and unity.
African Wildlife Foundation

logo AWF
Conserving Wildlife. Respecting all life.

The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. We have been working with the people of Africa since 1961. Most of our staff is based in Africa, spread between eight countries, working at the grass roots with park managers and communities to safeguard wildlife and wilderness areas.

African Women's Charity Organization Charity means Love.

In the spirit of love for our Mother Africa, the African Women's Charity Organization is an organization of African women and friends, working towards the independence of African people so that African people will not have to be dependent on any other people. Because AWCO understands that Africa is our home (even though some of us may not have been born in Africa) and that charity begins at home, they feel a sense of responsibility to do what we can to help at home.


logo Africana
Here at we continue to strive for the same goals we've always had: to bring together authoritative information about the whole world of Africa and her Diaspora in as provocative and entertaining a way as we can. We bring you news and analysis, reviews and personal essays, from all around the world.

logo Africa Server
Africaservice was established in Norway in 1997 and since then it has bee privately financed by its founder - Dele Olawole an Electronics engineer. It was not until year 2001 that a decision was taken to register Africaservice as an NGO in Norway. Africaservice beliefs in the vitality of prompt and precise information and will always strive to make such available in all fields of humanity.

logo Africare
Africare helps Africa. Over the course of its 28 years, Africare has become a leader among private, charitable U.S. organizations assisting Africa and is the oldest and largest African-American organization in that field.

logo Africulture
banner Africulture

A well designed, very comprehensive and extensive French Internet-hub into Africa with many English pages. You'll find corners with: - news - art - cultures - AfroFrench event calendar and much more. Africultures opens an African world in France. The Africultures monthly journal aims to help give Africa's contemporary cultural forms exposure, recognition, and backing. The Africultures website provides a tool which is able to go beyond the circulation and space restrictions of the printed version:

Absolute "recommender"!


logo Afropop
banner Afropop

Afropop is a radio program, a web site, a searchable database, an international musical archive, a team of researchers, and a travel series to Africa and Latin America. In 1988, interest in international pop was at an all-time high and Afropop was launched by NPR as a weekly series. It was the first of its kind and, years later, the program has expanded its vision to include the music and cultures that encompass the entire African Diaspora. Now known as Afropop Worldwide (APWW), the program is still the standard for both the curious and the connoisseur.

Agricon Africa

logo AfroAm
Agricon Africa involves itself in all facets of agribusiness development and project implementation throughout the Central and Southern regions of Africa. Its mission is to provide practical, sustainable, professional agricultural and agribusiness advice and supervision based on grass roots research of the sub continent of Africa. Our objective is to ensure the shape and prosperity for the African people, who live and work in the rural sector, for generations to come. This stems from our on-the-spot experience of the land, its economic potential and the capacity to determine and manage any inherent risk factors.

logo AMREF
Amref logo AMREF is Africa’s largest indigenous health charity, and for 44 years in partnership with local communities, governments and donors, has worked to research and alleviate Africa’s health problems. AMREF’s mission is to empower disadvantaged people in Africa to enjoy better health by helping them establish their own self-sustaining health systems.

logo Ananzi
SA Web
SA Site Directory

The Ananzi Search Engine aims to be the best South African search engine on the internet. Ananzi is devoted to South African web sites. On Ananzi, sites are individually checked to ensure that Ananzi stays South African. Ananzi's name comes from a Demi-God of West African mythology. Ananzi is a trickster who delights in duping animals and men: tales of his exploits are widespread in West Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Ancient Africa's Black Kingdoms

Black Queen
Black Kingdoms

The Nubians are believed to be the first human race on earth, and most of their customs and traditions were adopted by the ancient Egyptians. To the Greeks, they were known as Ethiopians and Nubia as the land of Punts, i.e; the land of gods. Read everything in Myra Wysinger's beautiful and well designed website.

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan
Kofi A. Annan:
Secretary General of the United Nations:

Kofi A. Annan of Ghana is the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations. The first Secretary-General to be elected from the ranks of United Nations staff, he began his term on 1 January 1997. Read further at the UN Biography of Kofi Annan. On 12 October 2001, Kofi Annan has been Awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace 2001 together with the United Nations as organization, in recognition of their efforts in establishing peace and combating AIDS.


logo Anti Slavery
Anti-Slavery was set up in 1839 with the specific objective of ending slavery throughout the world. Despite our many successful campaigns, slavery continues to exist in the 21st century. Anti-Slavery's work is divided among three teams: Programme, Communication and Information, enabling us to work effectively towards achieving our goal of a slave-free world.

logo APC
APC, Association for Progressive Communications defends and promote non-commercial, productive online space for NGOs and collaborates with like-minded organisations to ensure that the information and communication needs of civil society are considered in telecommunications, donor and investment policy. APC is committed to freedom of expression and exchange of information on the Internet. Through its African members, APC is strengthening indigenous information sharing and independent networking capacity on the continent.

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