Visitors Review 2002.

In the last 18 months the opening page of our 'African Internet Portal' was frequented by 27,000 unique visitors, most of them originating from the USA (42.7%). Average pages get 1,600 hits per day (being 584,000 hits per year).
Top 10 pages are:

Photo Album 20,316 visitors
Ivory Coast Page 14,154 visitors
Morocco Page 11,638 visitors
Mother Africa Award 8,546 visitors
Nigeria Page 8,104 visitors
Business Page 7,330 visitors
Liberian Photo Album 7,170 visitors
South Africa Page 6,961 visitors
Links 6,182 visitors
Ethiopia Page 5,369 visitors

These results show that most visitors were interested in photos. Due to the recent struggle in Ivory Coast, this page is top ranked amongst the countries. Morocco received over 11,000 visitors due to the wedding of King King Mohammed VI Ben Al Hassan with his lovely bride Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma. Number last of the country pages is the Mauritania Page with only 529 visitors. 8,546 People visited the ‘Mother Africa Award’ Poll page, and 6,445 official votes were counted of which 1,523 (23.6%) went to Nelson Mandela, the first ever winner of this unique Internet Award. Runner up Kofi Annan scored 1,466 votes (22.7%) and number three Bono (U2) got 1,256 (19.5%).

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