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Cape Verde


Official Name(s) República de Cabo Verde
Located West of Africa: Islands
Capital Praia
Head of State Antonio Mascarenhas Montero
Area 4'030 sq km
Population 400.000
Growth rate 2.5%
Official language portuguese & Crioulo
Currency Cape Verdean escudo (CVEsc)
GNP per capita $1,900
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This archipelago is located at about 400 mi/645 km west of Senegal, and comprises 10 physically different islands (only nine are inhabited) in two different chains. The northern Ilhas do Barlavento (Windward Islands), and the southern Ilhas do Sotavento (Leeward Islands).

The climate is mostly modest with a warm, dry summer. Precipitation is meager and very erratic. Cape Verde has the coolest temperatures of any country in West Africa. Daily highs range from 20°C (68°F) to around 29°C (84°F) from August to October, when there can also be rainstorms. Due to ocean currents, the sea is also considerably chillier than along the West African coast.

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